FriendsFest Cardiff || Lifestyle

I've been a rather busy bee recently; travelling to & from Wales like no tomorrow but on one of these trips we popped into Friendsfest for a spot of exploring. As you can guess from the name it's a "festival" based on the TV series Friends which I'm a huge fan of so we thought we see what it was all about!! 

Offline Memories || The Start Of A New Hobby

I'm a hoarder!! Yes I said it; I can't help but keep hold of things. Luckily it's not junk but usually things that hold memories or are from important people. I am trying to minimise my hoarding & in general reduce my storage & waste but memories are precious so I've found an alternative. We can all tell I love taking photos so I decided to treat myself to a Polaroid camera & order some prints. This of course led to scrap booking!!

OOTD || Full Bloom

Are you even a blogger if you see a flower wall & don't take a picture? Covent garden was the perfect place to get some quick outfit photos on our latest London trip. I really love that London puts on seasonal features & I couldn't resist this opportunity to get some cute snaps.

Exploring London || Exhibition Hunt

The cactus house - Hignell Gallery

We all know a day out in London can get rather expensive. There's so much to do all year round & yes some of those things can definitely mean spending but there's also a lot of free places to visit. If you can cover the cost of a travel card & you're willing to do a fair bit of walking; London can be a great place to explore on the cheap. Jacob & I put this to the test by planning a cheap day out exploring the local exhibitions. 

The Importance Of Mental Health Days

I kicked my day off with a bath bomb & a cuppa. I'm currently writing this on split screen with Dear John playing because I fancy a soppy movie this morning. I've usually done a bunch of things in work  by now & I'm waiting on a delivery to keep my busy till lunch. Today however I'm taking a mental health day. I need it & luckily my manager actually cares about his staff to offer me the day off.

OOTD || Faux Playsuit

I remember back when I used to blog outfits I felt so under pressure to only show new items & be current. I always felt I had to be two steps ahead & shoot then post as soon as just incase that item sold out. How silly; now I just blog in my own time with what ever clothes I wear & have at the time. I still shop & I still like to shoot new clothes, but its more for me & less for fashion. If I like an outfit & wanna share it with you who cares when I got the clothes or if there are repeats!!

Travel Lust List || Lifestyle

I'm at that stage of the year when I'm jealous of all those people enjoying their holidays & those travelling. It's super warm in the UK & i'm loving it but it's not killing my travel bug. I've hit a stage of life where I want to let go of the reins & just go exploring. Obviously that's not something you can do on a whim so I have plans in motion for that side of life but I thought I'd share a few places that I would love to visit. 

OOTD || Beach Days

Who else is excited that the sun has finally made an appearance? Apart from the fact I am melting in work & I was burnt to a crisp at download I am enjoying the longer summer days. Not only is the blogger in me excited about the fact I can shoot pretty much all day but in general I just enjoy summer more. How cliche of me!!