Getting To Grips With Pinterest || Blogging

I have to break it to you guys; I wasn't one of the people who jumped on the Pinterest hype when it first rolled around. I just didn't need another social media account taking over my online life (which we all know Pinterest is capable of!!). I spent a good while avoiding the grasp of Pinterest but after one too many times clicking on an image to be met with the sign up page I decided to delve in. 

Twenty boards & a hell of a lot of pins later I think I've got to grips with the Pinterest basics (as if!!) I've now made the decision to utilise it for blogging. It seems to be such a good site to drive traffic to your blog so it's an easy decision to make the transition. So what am I doing to make that leap? 

Vegan Skincare || Babylon Tree Review

Time for a new review, which I feel I haven't done in forever. Since moving to cruelty free & vegan beauty I luckily haven't had to change many of my current items. I'm still working towards changing a few of my make-up items but as I have sensitive & highly allergic skin I already own a lot of all natural products. 

However I haven't tested out a new soap in a long time so when I saw Babylon tree looking for people to test their products I jumped at the chance. I'm always looking to support local businesses who strive to produce quality items & have a strong message to share. 

Thriller Spree || Book Reviews

Thriller book review
It's a bit of a crazy story (my work place burnt down & I moved branches!!) but as of recent I've got back into reading; it's been a long time coming & well I kind of went on a thriller spree so I thought why not share some honest thoughts with you. Turns out working away from home means lunch breaks get pretty boring so I finally dug out a book which I had started months ago & finished it in a week which lead to many more thrillers!! I do miss wandering home in my lunch breaks, chucking on  pyjamas & snacking to my hearts content but I'm glad I've got my reading bug back. Anyhow enough rambling & time for some reviews. 

Exploring Krakow || Walking Tour

The final instalment to the exploring Krakow series is a combination of the final two days so prepare yourself for lots of photos!! Thursday was our free day to do as we pleased. After all our tours we were thinking of doing a relaxing day but we decided to book a walking tour through the jewish quarter of Krakow. It was really easy to book through SeeKrakow recommended by our hotel. We found a local booking office on the Wednesday & on the day we ventured to breakfast, then over to the main square to our meeting point.

Exploring Krakow || Salt Mine Visit

Our second day of tours began on Wednesday afternoon so we had the morning to wander around & explore the local markets (we ended up buying some spices of course) & grabbing a spot of lunch. Once again we had booked via escape to Poland; this time being picked up at a local hotel. This time we travelled a bit further in our tiny mini bus to the Wieliczka salt mine but we also knew some of the other tourist; clearly great minds think alike!! 

Exploring Krakow || Auschwitz Tour

Following on from our day of exploring freely; on Tuesday we had booked our first guided tour. When travelling to Krakow it's inevitable that you'll visit Auschwitz as it's the only a short drive away. It's not the most fun trip to plan but we all have to revisit history at times to learn from past human mistakes. In the words of George Santayana "The one who does not remember history is bound to live through it again" 

Exploring Krakow || Typical Tourist

I'm officially back in England & the weather isn't so bad but the holiday blues have definitely set in. Last week we were venturing around Krakow working our little legs & racking up tonnes of steps. Now I'm sat in bed attempting to organise & edit the gazillion photos we both took, so I can write up these Poland diaries!! Time to end the rambling & kick off the first post; the airport annoyances & the day of being a typical tourist!

The Notion Of Independence || OOTD

It's time to talk about being independent which these days it seems to be a defining feature of someone's character. Is it really that important to be independent & are we ever fully independent anyway? Is it okay to judge someone because they aren't completely reliant on themselves? In my mind no!! Everyone is independent at times & sometimes we just need to rely on someone else.