A Post Baby Breastfeeding Skincare Routine

Breastfeeding Skincare Routine - liz Earle deep cleansing mask, cleanse & polish, dermalogicia daily microfoliant & foreo luna play¬†I’ve got to let you guys into a little secret; breastfeeding sucks when it comes to your skin. I absolutely loved my skin during pregnancy but as we headed into my short-lived third trimester my skin began to change. Once our little man was born it appeared he took all that good skin magic with him & then breastfeeding made it ten times worse.

I’m all breakouts right now so it was time to introduce a breastfeeding friendly skincare routine into my life.¬†Breastfeeding may have all these benefits for both you & the baby but you can’t help but be a little mad at what it is doing to your skin.

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