6 Ways To Support NICU Parents | NICU Awareness Month

6 Ways To Support NICU Parents - Jasper's foot showing through incubator glassSince I’m back during NICU awareness month I thought its finally time to talk a little more about our NICU experience. I haven’t particularly avoided it or really delved into it because I’ve just never felt the need. As you can imagine it wasn’t the best time of our lives so its not the easiest thing to talk about.

We were very fortunate that we were aware Jasper would be premature so he had all the necessary drugs to help him develop a little further. In the end we only spent two & a bit weeks in the NICU which is a very short stay. Considering he was 7 weeks early we could have spent a lot longer on the unit.

When I decided to make a post about NICU awareness month I was very conscious of the fact that when we were in that position the last thing on my mind was googling about it. I didn’t even think to read up about other people’s experiences & as it isn’t usually something you plan I didn’t think a tips for parents post would be very relevant. In the end I thought writing a post for friends or family would better so here’s 6 ways you can support NICU parents.

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