Why I’ve Stopped Sharing My To Do List On Social Media

to do list text & #onethingonmytodolistEverybody I follow seems to love a list; especially a to do list & well they also love to share it too. I’m not judging anyone because until recently I used to share my daily to-do lists on Insta stories too. That was until I had a mini meltdown recently & just felt like a complete failure that I couldn’t achieve what everyone else seemed to be able to do.

It made me feel ridiculously terrible & I decided to visit my parents for a few days to get out of my house & out of my own head. I just couldn’t fathom how all these other mums could look after their babies, do the washing, tidy the house & everything else they had added to their to-do list. They weren’t short lists either & they were daily.

Here was me sat in my pjs for the fourth day running, with my hair in the same icky mum bun worrying how I was gonna juggle parenting Jasper & tidying away the washing. The same washing I had been trying to sort out for the past few days. Lovely hey!

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