10 Binge Worthy TV Shows To Watch On Lockdown

10 Binge Worthy TV Shows To Watch On Lockdown - ugly Betty boxsets

The fact that we’ve been on lockdown for over a month now is blooming crazy & I will admit I am starting to do a bit stir crazy. I absolutely can’t wait for this to be over but I am all for protecting the vulnerable & the NHS so stay the hell home & work your way through these 10 binge worthy TV shows instead. When else have we got this amount of time to Netflix??

10 Binge Worthy TV Shows To Watch On Lockdown

Ugly Betty

I couldn’t do this kinda post without including my favourite programme. Ugly Betty is just marvellous & I love it. It is jam-packed with ridiculous drama & plot twists whilst also having really loveable characters. You even like the ones you expect to hate. I actually can’t believe how fast I binge watched this one. I thought 5 seasons would last way longer!

Honestly this is one to watch & even though it got cancelled the ending is really well written.

Eurgh; it’s just fabulous

Watch on amazon prime or battered old dvd boxsets like me!

Tiger King

If you haven’t heard about tiger king where have you been hiding?

Netflix pretty much shoved it in my face at every opportunity! It actually well worth a watch even if it’s just to experience the crazy that you didn’t realise could happen. Trust me once you watch it you’ll find the memes hilarious.

The story just gets crazier every episode!

Too hot too handle

Okay this is a show I was not expecting to like at all but I popped it on because I couldn’t be arsed to scroll Netflix endlessly.

Guess what? I binged it in just over a day… oops!

It’s a typical hot people reality TV show pretty much but it was entertaining. As someone who doesn’t watch love island I can quite happily say I would watch the next season of this.

It was quite nice to watch a reality show where the point wasn’t to make out but the complete opposite & make deeper bonds to succeed.

Working mums

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this on a previous post but I loved this series.

It’s a blunt honest look at motherhood with a lot of comedy chucked in for good measure. I promise you don’t have to be a mum to enjoy it but that helps too.

It’s just a fab show that shows the messy side of motherhood & well there’s 3 series available to binge on Netflix now!

Instant hotel

I’m all about interior programmes & well this is a mix of that plus a come dine with me vibe.  Firstly its set in Australia so I’m immediately sold. I always find their reality shows hilarious.

The format of the show is teams of hotel owners compete for the title of best instant hotel by visiting each others hotels & range them. Let me just tell you the hotel are so different its crazy.

This is a Netflix original too.

Friends from college

A comedy about college friends going into the 4os trying to balance their lives while looking back on their youth.

It’s messy, complicated & hilarious. It has a I met your mother comedic feel to it & is such an easy watch.

There’s only two seasons on Netflix but its jam packed with storylines that’ll keep you laughing.

The good doctor

Something a little different from all the comedies & reality programmes but the good doctor is a new show I’ve watched. I would definitely deem it binge worthy TV even if it is a little emotional at times.

If you like Grey anatomy & other doctor programmes then this is one to watch. Dr Shaun Murphy is a surgical student but he also has autism so his view on everything is so different.

It’s a fascinating watch & obviously as someone who doesn’t suffer from autism I don’t know how true to life it is but I really enjoy both the medical side of it & Shaun’s relationship with the fellow cast.

Watch on nowtv

Derry Girls

This is blooming hilarious & I binged it so fast. I’m dying for a new season to be released already!

I actually put it off watching it because I was unsure about the accents (I know I shouldn’t prejudge but I’m fighting to hear over a baby!) but that makes it even funnier.

Based in Derry, Northern Ireland during the 90s following 5 teenagers going through high school. What’s not to love???

It’s so funny & relatable!

Watch on All4 or Netflix

Tiny house nation

Okay I have to admit I am obsessed with tiny houses so I watch all the programmes. I find them such binge worthy TV & now I kinda want to create my own tiny house!

Basically two hosts (one who is an expert) transform tiny houses for people to move into & well its amazing. Some of the people are so unrealistic but some of the stories are really touching.

I just love watching them transform the spaces.

Netflix is fab for interior programmes

Friday night dinner

Finally I had to include friday night dinner because it’s a huge hit in our house.

A British comedy about a jewish family & a creepy neighbour with a dog… sold!

It’s a fabulous display of British comedy & a typical family of just boys.

The episodes are bitesize & there’s a new season being released as you read this on All4

So there’s 1o binge worthy TV shows for you to sink your teeth into. Let me know what your favourite show to binge is in the comments!

Shelley xx

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    • Ahh did you watch the latest season of working mums? it’s so short! I feel you I think that’s why it was cancelled.