10 Reasons I’m Excited For Autumn

excited for autumn - outfit:tartan jumpsuit, star necklace, black long sleeve turtleneck & buckled boots

Autumn is my favourite time of year & even though I love those long summer days, I love those cosy nights even more. I can’t help but get a tad excited when September hits. There’s so much to look forward to as those summer evenings start to darken so I thought I’d share my reasons for being excited for autumn.

Tartan trends

I’m not the biggest fan of trends but autumn always brings back my favourites. Trends tend to be pretty predictable these days so I can always rely on stores bringing out some tartan pieces to add to my wardrobe. I’d love to be able to splurge on a wardrobe full of Vivienne Westwood but my budget just isn’t that way inclined so the highstreet dupes shall have to suffice.

Our anniversary

September is a special time for us because it’s our anniversary. We don’t always do an elaborate celebration but it’s nice to mark the occasion. This year we’re staying in a local spa hotel & going for some dinner. Time just as us & not as sleep deprived parents… it’s gonna be bliss!

Cosy nights in

As much as I love summer days out one of the main reasons I get excited for autumn is lazy days are a go to. I am a lazy couch potato at heart so when autumn rolls in I just want to cwtch up on the sofa with a hot drink & a good movie. It just seems the perfect fit.

My birthday

October may be everyone’s favourite time of year because of halloween but there’s also something else rather important then… my birthday. Yes I have a love hate relationship with birthdays but I’m excited for this year. I have beautiful people around me who I know will make it special.

Scented candles

It always feel a bit wrong lighting candles when the sun is shining so now is the time to get them back out. I’m not a pumpkin spice kinda girl but I have picked up a few sandalwood halloween beauts I am ready to light. Those moody evenings are always made better with a scented candle.

excited for autumn - outfit:tartan jumpsuit, star necklace, black long sleeve turtleneck & buckled boots

excited for autumn - outfit:tartan jumpsuit, star necklace, black long sleeve turtleneck & buckled boots


Spooky season is upon us & I couldn’t be more excited. Decorations are already in stores which makes home shopping that bit more fun. I have already grabbed a few bargains for the home & I’ve always got my eye out for more. Plus it’s Jasper’s first halloween so hopefully even at such a young age we can make it fun for him.

Crunchy leaves

I may not be a PSL kinda girl but I am partial to a “from where I stand” pic surrounded by fallen leaves. I love crisp walks in autumn because you can actually enjoy them without sweating your tits off. I think autumn is the prettiest time of year. Definitely more of an autumn leaf than a wisteria person.

Boot season

I love boots! Simple as that. I have purchased quite a few pair of docs recently so it’ll be nice to wear them again. I just think boots look fab with my outfits & suit my personal style a lot more. I don’t really own a lot of sandals or tiny shoes to be honest.

Rust colours return

If you couldn’t tell already rust colours are my go to. I love oranges, browns & greens. The autumn palette is pretty much my brand colours so they are clearly my favourites. I love when the autumn colours hit the stores because I can add some stella pieces to my wardrobe. A lot of the items I’ve had for years had been purchased at this time so autumn is definitely more my season for shopping.

Time for layering

I have just started to perfect that layered look so I’m actually excited for the colder weather this year. I’ve always struggled to layer my clothes & still feel confident but this past year I’ve been working on it. I feel like this autumn I’ll feel a lot more comfortable creating looks that not only look good but keep me warm too!

excited for autumn - outfit:tartan jumpsuit, star necklace, black long sleeve turtleneck & buckled boots

Turtleneck: | Necklace: Gifted | Jumpsuit: Primark | Boots: Topshop

There’s my ten reasons I’m excited for autumn & I’d love to know if this is your favourite season too! This post was inspired by the lovely Chloe (lady writes) so head over to read her 10 reasons to be excited for autumn too.

Just as a heads up I may be posting a little less on here while I get my head together. I’ve got all these ideas & content photographed but my head hasn’t been in the best place so I’ll be blogging when I’m feeling motivated. I’m trying this whole unstructured day thing right now so I can just do bits when I see fit or get the chance rather than pushing a plan on myself.

Shelley xx

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