10 Things I Won’t Be Buying In 2020

won't be buying - Lucy and yak boiler suitNow Christmas is behind us & the new year has come & gone, most of us are likely to be making resolutions & planning what they want to achieve. I on the other hand am doing the opposite. I gave up making resolutions a while ago because they make me feel a tad stressed & it never really works out. This year I’m choosing to change it up & make steps to be more sustainable & low waste. Instead of focusing on what goals I want to achieve, I’m focusing on what I won’t be buying in 2020.

I have to add that this post was inspired by Alice who is the sustainability queen so go read her blog!

What I won’t be buying in 2020

1.Clothes I don’t need or won’t wear 

I know this seems like such an obvious thing… why would I buy something I’ll never wear?? Turns out sometimes I just buy things I think are pretty without any forward thinking & then they just live in my wardrobe untouched. Now I’m on a road to being sustainable I really need to think about what I buy. I’m going to be opting for ethical brands or thrift shopping but I still need to be wiser with my buying decisions.


I do not need anymore candles!

Let me repeat that… I do not need anymore candles!

Honestly why do I feel the need to buy so many especially when I rarely light them? It’s crazy but its an addiction that I’m ready to kick. Unless I’ve run out of candles then I do not need to buy anymore.

3.Beauty products I don’t need

I am definitely a bit of a hoarder when it comes to beauty products. I have way too many products & only one face so I now need to start using up what I’ve got first.

There are of course products that I’ll repurchase time & time again but I have enough samples to last me a very long time.

This will probably one of the toughest habits to kick but I’m gonna give it a good go.

4.Books unless I’ve finished the ones I have 

Lord I am a rubbish reader & I just need to admit it.

I need to get my act together & read the books I have. Then I can purchase new ones. There’s just no need for me to have a overfilled book shelf when I haven’t finished a book in months.

5.Makeup wipes

I know its terrible to use makeup wipes; both for the skin & the environment but I sometimes to use them. I’ve currently run out & don’t intend to buy any more.

I refuse to be too lazy to wash my damn face & use something so pointless.

Plus I have fab cleansers & face cloths so what am I doing?

won't be buying - Lucy and yak boiler suit(Affilate links| Boilersuit: Lucy & Yak | Boots: Dr Martens | Bag: Dr Martens)

6.Plastic bags

If Jacob buys one more bag for life from Tesco I may murder him. I own enough tote bags that there is no need for them at all. I think I might actually buy him a shopping tote from Sighhh designs just so he has no excuse.

Yes this seems more about Jacob then me but I’m there when he buys them so no more!!!!

7.Journals & notepads

I can officially say I’ve found my preferred notebook & that’s my bullet journal. I recently finished my first one which lasted a whole 2 years so I really don’t need to buy anymore.

I’ve got a bunch in the house so if I need another notepad I’ve got some already.

8.Sheet masks

I rarely use sheet masks but I own about 50.

Yes I received a lot in my Birchbox but I’ve actually decided to cancel that for a while so there’s definitely no excuse now.

9.Cheap accessories

This year I will invest in quality sunglasses & I will keep them for years.

I will not buy cheap Primark ones & then wonder why they break a few months later.

Seriously I just need to buy a good pair that I can enjoy.

10.Products that aren’t cruelty free

I haven’t really been buying too many products that are tested on animals for a good while but I can’t say there hasn’t been the odd purchase. This year I am determined to find alternatives to the cult products I love & go completely cruelty free.

So there we have it 10 things I won’t be buying this year & now I’ve put it out into the universe here’s to me sticking to it! I welcome you to tell me off if you see me buying anything on this list.

Now it’s your turn; what’s one thing you won’t be buying in 2020?

P.s if you do want to purchase this blooming amazing boiler suit than use my referral code for Lucy & Yak so I can buy more of their dungarees that I clearly live in. Cheers!!

Shelley xx

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