10 thoughts before turning 25

10 thoughts before turning 25 - full outfit; slogan tee, ripped jeans & conversePhotos by Kaye Ford

I’m officially turning 25 on the 21st of October & at the speed this year seems to going it’s gonna be coming around very soon. I feel like 25 is the year when you have to admit defeat & realise adulthood has happened. Responsibilities are everywhere & well you’re in control of your life. Nobody is coming to save you & well you start to realise you have to make life what you want it to be.

Am I ready to become an fully fledge adult? Nope!  Am I ready for all the responsibilities? Nope! 

Can I stop the ageing process? Nope… so here’s 10 thoughts I’ve had leading up to it.

1. Looking back I thought I’d be at a completely different place by this age. When I was younger I thought when I was turning 25 I would be settling down, getting married & thinking of babies. Turns out 25 is much younger than you think.

2. I don’t tend to regret things as much anymore. I used to regret anything that changed my life too much & well now I don’t. Do I regret leaving uni? No. Do I regret that break-up? No. Things worked out for the best no matter how shit they felt at the time.

3. Skincare is actually important & I need to get better at it. Even though my skin condition has calmed down as I’ve gotten older my skin doesn’t bounce back as much as it used to. Exfoliation & cleansing is key.

4. I need to stop wishing for things & start doing them. As you get older time seems to pass too quickly & well I’m fed up of letting it pass without doing the things I want.

5. Owning a house is expensive but I’ll get there. The next big thing we want to do is buy a house & well even moving into rented accommodation was expensive so buying a house is something that will take time & that’s okay.

6. Friendships are very different in adulthood but they are great. You don’t need to see each other all the time but when you do it’s fab. Quality over quantity!!

7. Cutting off toxic people is fab & I blooming will continue to do it. People who don’t benefit for your life aren’t worth your time end off.

8. Being a plant mum is hard but I will get better at it. I love plants & I’m determined to learn more about each one of them so I can tend to them amazingly.

9. You can achieve what you want at any age. There’s so much pressure at 16 to make the important life decisions but hey if you don’t know what you want to do then you change your path at a later stage. I’m turning 25 & planning to go back to college again & potentially uni next year. Anything is possible.

10. I’m happy & that’s all that matters. I’m all for little milestones at this age & I’m proud of myself for the the things I’ve achieved. Turning 25 just means another year to reach more goals & I’m excited to see what I achieve by 26!

10 thoughts before turning 25 - full outfit; slogan tee, ripped jeans & converseTop: Monki Jeans: Pull & bear Converse: Office Sunglasses: Download stall

There we have it 1o thoughts before turning 25! Do you relate to any of these? Let me know in the comments & tell me what age you’re & how different it is to what you imagine at 16! Don’t we all think adulthood is an actually so different to the reality?

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