10 Thoughts When Finding Out You’re Unexpectedly Pregnant

Well isn’t this new?! Don’t worry as you can tell from the title this was news for us too as we we’re unexpectedly pregnant. If you don’t follow me on my socials (why blooming not…?) you probably haven’t heard the news that Jacob & I are expecting a little one later this year. August to be exact; which is very exciting but also very scary. I didn’t really know how to introduce this new element off my life to you guys at first so I thought what better than a tongue in cheek kinda post.

Just gonna chuck a DISCLAIMER in here & say this is my experience & I’m writing about my 10 thoughts so they aren’t applicable to everyone. Obviously no offence is meant to be caused but this is my way of expressing the shock of the news with you guys & putting my spin on a pregnancy announcement.

10 Thoughts When Finding Out You're Unexpectedly Pregnant - Jacob & I with scan photo

10 thoughts when you find out you’re unexpectedly pregnant

  1. OMG & WTF. No seriously this is such an obvious one but it has to be said. Even if you have a suspicion when you really see that stick saying pregnant its like holy hell what’s happened. Shock is the first emotion & it comes back around a few times so get used to it..
  2. What the hell do I do??? Clearly these pregnancies aren’t planned so you haven’t really considered what you wanna do. I have quite set opinions on abortion & knew it wasn’t for me but that didn’t stop me considering it for a moment. There are options out there for you but that doesn’t stop it being a very confusing time for both you & your partner.
  3. How can two educated people be so stupid? Honestly I thought this soooooo much at the beginning because damn we both know how this happened & it clearly is our thought. I’m no Virgin Mary but I really didn’t think that one time (okay maybe two or three) would end up with pregnancy. Can we really say we’re unexpectedly pregnant when we weren’t being careful?
  4. God what are people gonna say? We really shouldn’t care but this was one of my first thoughts. I am from the Tumblr gen so I have dealt with my fair share of hate. I am fully aware that people no longer in my life with have an opinion even if they are irrelevant. That’s just life in this generation but gah I was worried. I am so for this drama free life I’ve been enjoying & I thought this could stir the pot. I just don’t want to be judged okay!!!!
  5. Can we really afford this? But seriously can we? Yes we’re two hard working people but all I ever hear are how expensive babies are & I like to spend my money on me. I love a holiday & a new pair of shoes. We’re fortunate to be able to plan ahead & save but its still scary. I don’t think we’ll ever know if we can truly afford this till we have to y’no?
  6. That explains a lot… yeah I had my suspicions & well they were clearly right. It explains the moodiness & how tired I was. It also explains why I was so ill during December. It’s kinda refreshing to know that you aren’t dying of a mystery illness because my god morning sickness feels like it.
  7. Oooh I wonder when it happened. When was that magic moment? Enough said.
  8. This is very exciting & it should be. I’m not gonna lie I took the news a little easier than Jacob but then again I was growing the tiny human. I felt like I could bond from the moment I knew it was there so it was quite exciting. I’ve always wanted to experience pregnancy & I have a bloody fabulous partner to do it with.
  9. This sucks so bad & I want it to stop. Honestly the first trimester was pretty damn hard on me so I was feeling crap. It’s not only the physical systems but you realise how much your life is going to change. Not every day is rosy & exciting. Sometimes you just feel like a pile of poop & you have to admit it. Hormones suck people.
  10. Am I adult enough for this? Is anyone adult enough for this moment? I’m 25 & Jacob is 23 so we’re still working out this adulthood thing. Maybe being a parent is what qualifies you as an adult. Let’s hope so anyhow!

10 Thoughts When Finding Out You're Unexpectedly Pregnant - Jacob & I with scan photo

There we have it; 10 thoughts I had when I found out I was unexpectedly pregnant. I bet a few of you guys are working out the time frame & realise that I conceived around the time I came off the pill for the first time ever. I promise it was not connected & I didn’t plan it one bit. It also explains why I was so rubbish on the blog front in December but I’m back!

For those who aren’t here for parenting blogging don’t worry I’m not planning to go down that route but of course as a lifestyle blogger I will be sharing a post here or there. I am planning a BPD & pregnancy series so let me know if you will be interested in that kind of content down below.

Shelley xx

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