Walking Into 2018 With Confidence

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Every New Years we’re meant to write a list of goals to reach by the end of the year & tbh that’s pretty unrealistic. I may have accomplished a few of last years aims but in reality we all know 2017 was yet another year I didn’t learn to drive (I will do this year.. I hope) & well, I’m done with creating empty promises to myself.

This year I’m really feeling myself & I’m walking into it with confidence. Yes I may still have a bit of growing to do but life is a work in progress so why not go with the flow & let those changes happen organically?

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I always worry myself myself over the small stuff rather than actually realising what I’ve accomplished. I think that’s an easy mistake to make & well all do it but it really puts a downer on your progress & I’m fed up of beating myself up.

I’m really feeling this new found confidence I’ve discovered this past year & I want to focus on that. I’ve learnt a lot about myself over the past year & I’m finally at a place where I can evaluate myself in a positive light rather than putting myself down.

I’ve realised my own problems & what triggers my stress. I’m noticing how I can deal with the big changes so much easier than the small stuff which may sounds silly but that’s just me. I can handle a lot more than I give myself credit for.

I spent a few years working myself into the ground & yes I am proud of what I achieved. I had a successful shop which I run by myself while working part time, blogging & training in college. That was a big deal but I was also pushing myself to be someone I wasn’t.

confidence: outfit closeup collageconfidence: monochrome outfit

The road I was on wasn’t for me & last year I changed that. Maybe going from mainly self-employed to just employed isn’t everybody’s dream but it worked for me. Now I have a schedule that benefits me & I’m no longer stressed everyday.

Working full time isn’t the most luxurious lifestyle but it gives me the freedom to enjoy my free time & work towards the goals I have in the long run. I’m just happier in my new routine & that’s the most important thing.

It’s odd to think we have to start every new year with a clean slate when it reality is just yet another day. The 1st of January isn’t a fresh start it’s just the next day on the calendar & I think we all need to realise that. We don’t need to look at our previous year & see the failures, we need to look for the accomplishments! It’s time to stop trying to reinvent ourselves & just let ourselves enjoy growing up.

confidence: monochrome outfit

I’m going to be 25 this year & that’s a scary thought. I’m not where I thought I’d be when I was a teenager creating my life plan but that’s okay. Maybe I don’t own a house or more importantly a dog but I’m on the road that leads to that. I’ll get their eventually but this year I’m aiming to just enjoy myself. Stop fussing over money & actually do the things I want.

I may be saving for a house in the background but that doesn’t mean I can’t book a flight on a whim or buy that expensive pair of shoes I’ve been lusting over. I can do what I please with this year just like every other year to follow. Where ever I end up I just want to be happy. There’s no point sweating over the small stuff when you can just enjoy what’s going on right now!

Shelley xx

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