5 Good Things To Come Out Of Lockdown

good things to come out of lockdown - view of my sofa & sunflowers in the windowRight; I know lockdown is kinda over & we’re all kinda in a covid limb. Some of us have gone back into lockdowns & some of us aren’t. It’s a little all over the shop right now but I think it’s good to reflect. Especially when you’re looking at the positives of a pretty crappy situation so here’s my take on that.

Lockdown was looooong. I had a 9 month old when it started a well now I have a toddler so it wasn’t smooth sailing. The fact I came out of it sane should be more than enough but actually lockdown did do me well it other aspects. Anyway here’s a few good things to come out of the initial lockdown.

5 Good Things To Come Out Of Lockdown

1) Spent time creating

My business pretty much launched in lockdown when you really think about it. Even though I had opened it in November it’s really not till March that it really took off.

Lockdown gave me the chance to be more creative because I had more help at home. Jacob was trapped in with us so I was able to make some new things & then thanks the new boom in rainbows I had a very successful product.

Business aside I just got to experiment more & it was blooming lush.

2) Extra bonding with Jasper

Call me selfish but I loved having Jasper to myself… well for the most part.

It was lovely to be able to just spend as much time as I could with him without having to visit anyone.

We just got to have fun & I feel like I learnt a lot more about his personality having so much more one on one time. Plus we got to do a lot more family bonding time having Jacob home.

3) Explored our local area

This was a must because well there wasn’t much else to do other than walk round our town really.

We had only recently moved when I was pregnant & before lockdown we would tend to go to local lakes or parks for family days out.

It was nice to see the different parts of our area even though we definitely could have adventured a bit more.

4) Spent more time cooking

This was a big one for me because as a family we can be a little lazy with food.

We spend a little too much on shopping & takeout so it was nice just to cook more frequently.

At the beginning of lockdown we did a decent sized shop & that served us well until Gousto was available to reorder.

I really rate Gousto meals & we’ve used them for years now so it was nice to have them back but also fab to just cook with whatever we had in too. (Here’s my referral link if you wanna try)

5) Learning to slow down

Even though I did have a busy lockdown with parenting & my small biz it was lush just to have life slowed down.

It just felt like the rat race was put on pause for a minute & as a society we just realised things could be different.

I loved it. I loved not having to work at a million miles per hr or prove my worth with how much I was doing. I loved not having to socialise 24/7 & well I just really am built for that slow life.

I kinda hope more people adopt a slower pace of life now they’ve been shown its okay to do so.

So there’s 5 good things that came out of lockdown for me & well I initially planned to write this way earlier but y’no I took a break. I did ask people what good things they experienced & a lot of people said they got to finally do those things they were hoping to get around to or try new things they didn’t have time for before.

As much as lockdown was an inconvenience & a little tough at times I truly think it did us some good to. Plus its better to look at the good rather than the bad really!

Shelley xx

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