5 Reasons Why I Subscribe To Blogosphere

5 Reasons Why I Subscribe To Blogosphere - blogosphere flatlay

If you’re a blogger who hasn’t heard about blogosphere, where have you been? It’s a great resource for us bloggers & it’s also a fab way to get out of the internet bubble & enjoy blogging in a more conventional way. Blogosphere is a magazine focusing on blogging for bloggers & created by bloggers. All in all it’s all what we’ve all been looking for! I love it because it gets my head out of blogging by being in print form & lets me unwind but also learn about things in the blogosphere. I’ve been subscribed for a few months now & have about 4 of the magazines so here’s why I decided to subscribe…

1) Blogosphere is off-line.

The biggest draw for me was the fact it’s a print publication rather an online resource. I know blogging is all about being online but y’no what sometimes you just don’t want to be online, bouncing from page to page. Sometimes you want to sit down with a cuppa & flick through a magazine. I’m not really that keen on the conventional magazines; yes sometimes I’ll grab a celeb goss mag but in reality I don’t read magazines often. The only other magazine I opt for is Rock n Roll bride but that’s for a totally different reason. Blogosphere gives me that outlet to explore blogging but without having to actively search for it.

2) It has information I wouldn’t have thought of resourcing

Which leads me onto the fact is has information that I wouldn’t even have thought of searching for online. Blogging is huge & there’s so much information out there. You need to know a lot to be a successful blogger & well people don’t always realise how much goes into it. Blogosphere lays down information that is relevant to the present & keeps you improving your skills. Everything is always well written & made simple so you don’t feel overwhelmed by information. Obviously it doesn’t touch upon everything you need to know but it’s a resource that will keep teaching you more.

3) Discovering new bloggers

I have discovered a bunch of new bloggers from blogosphere because they actively seek out bloggers & feature them in their magazine. As it is run by bloggers there’s articles written by blogger’s you’d recognise & some that are brand new to you. There’s also features on bloggers of all different genres that are chosen by bloggers in that niche which is lovely. It not only allows you to discover new bloggers but gives bloggers the chance to see their work in print. It’s a fab resource for those in the blogosphere & just keeps giving back to the community.

4) Inspiration

Sometimes when you’re blogging you get so bogged down by the drama & the content online that you get in a writing drought. It happens frequently & well you it really can make you feel crap. Blogosphere makes me feel creative! Just reading the articles written by bloggers touching upon current affairs makes me realise that there’s things I want to write about that I may not have thought of before. I’m always more motivated after reading my latest copy. It just brings creativity back to the community!

5) It’s great for networking

Blogosphere may only be a magazine to some but it’s also a network for others. Not only do they have a bloggers network where they reach out to blogger to be featured in the magazine, they run twitter chats to keep us communicating. I often miss the twitter chats because by Sunday evening I’m slouching about watching tv but it’s always fun to take part. Creating conversations in the blogosphere is really important & I think they do it so well.

Blogosphere is a quarterly print so if you subscribe for £30 a year you receive 4 magazine, cover posters & access to events early. You can purchase magazines separately & in selected stores but it does work out cheaper to subscribe.

Anyhow I’m going to end this post here because the words blogger & blogosphere have been used way too many times & our heads are probably spinning a little. Let me know if you’ve subscribed & what you love about it in the comments below!

Shelley xx

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