5 Reasons Why I’m Stressed

5 reasons why I'm stressed - photo from behind, bag in focus

Photos by Kaye Ford

We all love a good 5 reasons why post & well I’m stressed so I’m combining the two! Turns out this month has become hella stressful & if you’re an avid reader you’ll know me & stress aren’t good friends. I’m dealing with it rather well this time round mainly because the stress is bubbling under the surface rather than spilling over & ending in tears or tantrums. Anyhow here’s 5 reasons why I’m stressed right now….

1) Moving house

This seems like a big reason to be stressed so we’re gonna begin here. Moving house is never fun; it’s great but it does tend to get a little stressful at times. I’m so proud of myself for getting to the stage where I can finally move out & have a house all of my own (Jacob’s too of course) but it doesn’t stop me worrying. I’m just worried that we won’t find the right house & even though we have two that we’re keen on… what if they turn out to be horrid? Plus once we do move we’ve got to stock a whole house full of things which costs money & that leads me on to my next point.

2) Switching jobs

Since we’re heading back to Wales it means I need a transfer within my company & let’s just say that’s probably the most stressful part! HR aren’t the most helpful & I basically have to find an opening for myself & pray it works out. Luckily I’ve found one in the local area & I’ve applied. I’ve had an interview & well now I’m just waiting to hear back. The manager is so lovely & she’s really keen on helping me find a place to transfer to so let’s just hope everything goes well. I really don’t want to have to quit & find a new job because I know that would send me in to a spiral of stress & worry.

5 reasons why I'm stressed - photo from behind, backpack in focus only

3) Starting afresh

When it comes to moving I’m a pro, I’ve done it way too many times now but every time it makes me worry about starting afresh. Even though I’ve lived in Wales before & I have friends I’m still stressed about getting settled. Its gonna be a new neighbourhood, new work colleagues & hopefully new friends. It just makes my stomach turn but I’m sure it’ll be okay, I just can’t help being stressed over it.

4) Getting cold feet

Okay I’m a worrier & when I get too worried I get scared & that ends up with cold feet. Last time I moved out with a partner it ended terribly so I guess that’s whats making me stress about it. I’m much happier with Jacob & I’m in such a better financial position so I think I’m worrying for nothing but its still there. I just can’t help but worry it’ll all be too much & I’ll spiral until I want to leave the situation. It’s probably the silliest of the lot but hey ho it’s still running through my head.

5) Change

Simple as that; I’m stressed about change. Its just not something I’m comfortable with, I don’t think anyone is but it can really affect my mental health. I just don’t want to feel lost without the routine I’ve sorted for myself here. I’m going to be surrounded by new people & I’ve got to adapt to that. I’m scared I’m going to be lonely or feel out of place. It’s inevitable to feel this way & tbh I shouldn’t be so worried since I’ve done it all before but that’s probably why I am. It feel to pieces last time & I got hurt so it makes sense that I’m stressed about it a second time round.

5 reasons why I'm stressed - in movement picture

Waistcoat: Vintage kilo sale | Fishnet: Boohoo | PVC Bra: Amazon | Skirt: Missguided | Converse: Vintage fair | Bag: Ebay

So there we have it, 5 reasons why I’m stressed at the moment. I may be dealing with it well but it’s still bubbling under the surface. I think once I hear back about my job & we decide on a house my worries will fade. I may find packing up my life a little stressful but hey ho we all feel like that when it comes to that horrific process!

I’ve realised something recently & that’s my life has changed quite a bit in the past few years & I’ve accomplished a lot. If I can make it through living at home for two years I think I can make it through anything. I’ve got to pull myself together & go with the flow.

Just a heads up you’re gonna be seeing a lot of the images Kaye took of my because they are fab!! I’ve booked in one more shoot before I move so there’s more to come. Please let me know in the comments any tricks you have for switching off when the stress gets a little too much because I’m sure it’s gonna get a lot worse!

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Shelley xx

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