5 Spooky Toddler Activities We’ll Be Doing This Season

5 spooky toddler activities - Jasper picking pumpkins

If you didn’t know already halloween is my favourite time of year. I love all the festivities & I just think it’s a really fun time of year. Now Jasper is a little older we can finally get him involved so I thought I’d share the spooky toddler activities we’ll be doing this week.

Don’t worry most are simple activities we’ll be doing from home cause we’re back on lockdown but I’m just so excited to get him in the halloween spirit.

5 Spooky Toddler Activities We’ll Be Doing This Season

1) Pumpkin picking & carving

What’s halloween without hunting down some pumpkins & giving them a spooky makeover?

We were very lucky to have been able to go pumpkin picking on a local farm just before lockdown hit & Jasper loved it. He picked his own pumpkin & this evening we’re going to get carving. Nothing like some messy play to get them interested.

Right now Jasper loves being involved in everything we do so this will be a great activity to get him involved in.

2) Spooky crafts

I’ve been slowly saving different craft activities that I can do from bits we already have around the house. Luckily with my craft supplies I haven’t had to really buy anything other than the odd colouring book.

A few halloween crafts I’ve found are;

  • toilet roll monsters using finished rolls & felt
  • painting pumpkins with sliced apples
  • Slime making
  • Handprint spiders

We won’t get round to them all but even doing the odd craft will be fun.

3) Making some treats with a twist

This one we’ve already completed by baking brownies with googley eyes.

Jasper loves making brownies cause he gets to stir the mix & help spread brownies. It was so easy to add some googley eyes once they had cooked to make them a little more halloweeny!

Plus we get a delicious treat to enjoy afterwards.

4) Movie marathon

Okay this one is a little basic but I have a teething toddler on my hands this lockdown so why not just unwind on the couch. Jasper likes monster house & even if he only watches a short time it’s still a moment of much appreciated calm for me.

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best.

5) Trick or treat hunt

As trick or treating is off the cards this year we thought we’d have a little fun & make a treat hunt for Jasper instead.

Think Easter egg hunt with a twist!

We’ll get our costumes on, have a little wander to see the decorations on the street (or in Jasper’s case splash in puddles) & then it’s back home to hunt down some hidden treats.

Watch me find haribos a year later…!!

5 Spooky Toddler Activities - brownies with googley eyes

There’s 5 spooky toddler activities I’ll be attempting this week with Jasper. Hopefully it’s helped you out a little too. I honestly am really excited for halloween despite being in lockdown. We can still have fun from home.

If you have any other ideas I should add to my list please let me know.

Shelley xx

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