5 Tattoo Tips I’ve Learnt Along The Way

5 Tattoo Tips I've Learnt Along The Way - arm tattoos

Let’s change the subject for a second & talk about a few tattoo tips I’ve learnt along the way. Tattoos aren’t a subject I really talk about on ByBusby but I do have a rather extensive collection. Trust me I’m no expert on the subject but over the years I’ve picked up a few tattoo tips; from picking the right artist to caring for your new piece.

Tattoos really aren’t such a big deal to me, probably because I have so many & know a lot of people who do but to some this is a subject they want to know a little more about.

My 5 tattoo tips

There is zero need to rush into getting a tattoo

This is something you’ve probably heard a lot especially if you’ve asked for a bunch of tattoo advice but are still unsure. Tattoos are permanent which means it’s a big decision to get one. You’ll question everything from the beginning to end. What artist do I go to? What design do I get? What if I don’t like it? What if I change my mind?

Blooming hell you’ll have a lot of questions so just don’t rush it. When you have something you want in mind, meaning or not then start looking for an artist. Sit on the idea for a while just incase you change your mind. I’ve booked impulse tattoos & I love them but at first I used to book my tattoos a few months in advance just incase y’no.

You can tattooed at any stage of life so don’t worry about getting them all when you’re freshly 18 because you’re only filling space you might wanna use later.

You will most likely change your mind about tattoos as you grow

Just like the fact you change your fashion choices & your opinions on tough subjects you’ll potentially change your view on tattoos as you grow. I’m not necessarily saying you’ll grow up & decided you hate them, I just mean you might like a new style or wish you had not filled that part of your body so you can’t get that sleeve you now want.

We change our minds & there’s trends in the tattoo world too. I haven’t suddenly hated any of my tattoos but I would have preferred to have kept my left arm for something a little different.

I also don’t see tattoos as such a big deal. When I was 18/19 with a uni loan I was all yay tattoos & even a few years back I filled my leg rather fast. Now days I’m not really that fussed & I’m more than happy to go on a long waiting list for an artist than want it right now.

You go from worrying way too much for the first tattoo to it being just another thing on your body.

5 Tattoo Tips I've Learnt Along The Way - legs & socksCheap tattoos don’t tend to be good tattoos

This is such an obvious one but that doesn’t stop people getting shitty tattoos. This is a tattoo tip I see most people give & its true. Well its mostly true, sometimes an artist doesn’t charge loads but is still really good. Not every artist is Kat Von D level where they can charge tonnes per hour but if someone is willing to do a sleeve for cheap it probably isn’t the best idea.

Tattoos deals exist like Friday 13th but most shops will either have a flat rather per hour or your artist will price per piece. If you’re in a rush for a tattoo & not willing to save money then you probably don’t care about quality. Well not now anyway.

Plus if you’re going to a tattoo shop that is willing to let an apprentice do sleeves early on it’s not a good shop. Apprentices are learning & a discounted rate may sound great now but do you really want a sleeve by someone still practising? Do you want their start up work or their best work down the line? Apprentices should be doing small pieces on flat areas & working their way through to sleeves.

Finding a good artist can be hard but isn’t rocket science either

Since we’re on the topic of bad tattoos lets talk about the good ones. Finding a great artist is key to getting the quality of art you want. You’ll be surprised how easy it can be to find an artist you like. I know there’s a lot of bad artist out there but there’s tonnes of good ones too.

You can go off friends recommendations, search Insta, search the web for local shops. There’s no ending to the ways you can find an artist now we have the Internet & social media.

My advice is to know what you want tattooed, find the style you prefer & then find an artist that does that particular style well. Pop them a message with your idea & any reference pictures then let them get back to you. A good artist will be able to tell you if they are right for the piece & be able to draw you up a custom design if you book in.

Aftercare doesn’t need to be a tricky subject just follow your artist advice

Oh my lord aftercare can be a right faff. Not in the sense of actually caring for your tattoo just the fact that everyone has their own opinion on it. It can get so confusing… Do you wrap it? Which cream to use? How much cream? BLAH BLAH BLAH.

I personally remove the cling wrap when I get in, wash the junk off & then add a layer of double base. I use double base personally because it works for me. I don’t rewrap them at any point, I just keep it clean & moisturised.

But that’s just my way of doing it!

This tattoo tip is really just follow your artist’s advice, they are the professional & you should trust them! Any problems message them!


5 Tattoo Tips I've Learnt Along The Way - closeup of arm tattoos

There’s my 5 simple tattoo tips. Once again I’m not expert so don’t take me too seriously. You don’t have to agree with me & trust me I have a shitty tattoo myself so no judgement. I love tattoos but they are something you need to think about & they can add up.

Who knows when I’ll next find that design I am dying to get.

Please let me know if you have any tattoos below & if you have any tips to add to my list.

Shelley xx

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