5 Things I Learnt From Blog Coaching

5 Things I Learnt From Blog Coaching - laptop on bedLord this post is a long time coming; I actually started my blog coaching late last year but as of the 31st of October I had my last session. I know blog coaching isn’t something everyone opts for but it was something that I felt I needed & well I definitely think it helped. I learnt a lot from “weekly” modules & over this past year I’ve really felt a change in how I blog & how I feel about blogging so I thought I’d share my 5 things I learnt from blog coaching!

Before we start who did I go to for blog coaching…

I’d love to dive right in but I need to explain who was my blog coach & why I chose them. I opted for Vix Meldew to be my blog coach because she was a blogger who I enjoyed reading & engaging with already. Her writing style was right up my street & she didn’t take herself too seriously. She was relatable to be completely honest. I knew she was successful in her own niche & knew her stuff but she also was the kind of person who was able to get things across to you in such a digestible way.

The blog coaching was expensive (I paid in instalments) & it had a clear plan of modules but also focused on what I wanted to learn.

So let’s get cracking shall we…

5 things I learnt from blog coaching

1. Branding & blog basics 

Of I learnt a lot about blogging itself because that’s the point really. You learn the basics & how to implement them. I knew a fair amount about blogging before but it was nice to refresh that knowledge & learn how to properly use it.

From carving out a solid brand to using social media to reach more readers it was handy to really dive deep into each section. Plus I learnt how to create content that not only I loved but people want to read.

2. Its okay to blog as a hobby

One thing I always worry about is making money. I always feel like I need to be monetising for it to be classed as successful. Everyone always talks about going full time & getting that dream brand deal which makes me feel the pressure. What Vix made me realise is that everyone blogs for different reasons & it’s okay to blog purely for a hobby.

It’s okay to just enjoy writing & creating. I still aim to work with brands & make money but on a smaller scale. I don’t need to do it & theres no pressure to make money but its an option.

3. I’m not being left behind

This was a big one for me because I’ve been blogging for years & well I kept seeing new bloggers cropping up & bossing it. I felt pretty disheartened!

What was I doing wrong? What was they doing right?

Well it turns out I’m not being left behind I’m just on my own path & that’s okay. Yes I could be working harder on my blog & achieving more things but that’s not me. I’m improving my stats, my brand & I’m growing my community at my own pace.

There’s still room for me & I still enjoy blogging so why shouldn’t I just keep doing me.

4. I have a solid voice & niche 

This was one I was a little surprised at because I felt like my voice was a little weak. I wasn’t quite sure if my writing style was working & my niche wasn’t completely set. Basically I felt a little lost about it all. I was trying to improve it all before having a blog coach but Vix really helped me work out my voice & niche.

Actually she reassured me I already had both those things & just had to tailor them a little more. Now I feel confident that my niche is me! I feel like I can write a blog post where my personality shines through & my readers will love. I’ve worked out my audience & what content is right for me & them.

5. To focus on my community & not the numbers 

Well this one is pretty damn new because in the last month I have felt a proper shift. I obviously still need my stats to be okay for collaborations but I care less about the numbers & more about the community I have built. Honestly my followers & readers are blooming lovely. I have an amazing group of people on Instagram that just make me feel warm & fuzzy.

It’s so lush to find your people & enjoy the app again. Now my focus is on the engagement I get from my readers rather than how many there are of them. No point have thousands of followers if no one really cares what you’re posting!

How I’m using what I’ve learnt

Now my blog coaching is over I am taking steps to continue to improve. I’m not rushing it at all but I’m going to slowly focus on different areas of my blog or socials to make them a little better. I’m going to be pitching companies that I really want to work with & do a few ADs here & there.

What I’m not going to do is worry about not focusing on my blog 24/7. I’m going to get back to enjoying it. Sometimes they’ll be tonnes of content & sometimes it’ll be a little bare. There’s gonna be a mix of parenting, fashion, beauty & lifestyle. Basically it’s gonna be what I love to write about!

Even though I don’t have Vix as my blog coach anymore I am part of her Grow & glow hub which is for creators. It has monthly modules which you can do at your own pace & has fab community. Don’t worry I’m not trying to sell you anything but if it’s something you might like then I would recommend it. It’s got a lot of the stuff I learnt from my blog coaching & a lot more. It does have a monthly fee though so it’s definitely an investment. I joined because its a tool ill utilise & if you want to join the waiting list then here’s a link.

So that’s what I learnt from blog coaching & where I’m at right now on the old blogging front. I hope this has helped you decide if blog coaching is for you or even just reassured you that you’re fab doing you! I’d love to know if you’ve had a blog coach or done any courses. What did you think about them?

Shelley xx

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