5 Things I’d Like To Do More Of This Year

5 Things I’d Like To Do More Of This Year - me sat on bench surrounded by treesOkay guys I originally wrote this post pre quarantine because I just felt like thinking forward & obviously now things are a little different. Now we’re on lockdown its got thinking even more; mainly about the things I miss & well I decided to rewrite this whole post. The things I’d like to do more off are a little simpler but I’ve come to terms that I enjoy the small things so here’s 5 things I’d like to do more of this year. 

Cook as a family

One thing we’ve realised while home is that we usually spend way too much on takeouts & food shopping. One big shop (not hoarding just a what we need) really goes a long way.

Our cupboards are stocked up with the basics & other than needing the odd ingredient we’ve been able to make a bunch of our favourite foods.

I don’t tend to cook that much as I usually have Jasper but spending that time in the kitchen as a family is really fun. Jasper loves watching us cook or throwing his toys for us to fetch! Plus its a nice way to spend time together that we wouldn’t usually.

Travel the UK

As much as I’d love to go abroad all the time & see the world it’s just not feasible at the moment. We were meant to be going to Vegas in May but as you can imagine that’s been cancelled (fanbloodytastic). We aren’t going to rearrange it for later in the year but keep an eye out for a similar deal next year instead.

So now travel is more limited I’d love to explore the UK way more. One place I’d love to visit is the Eden project. Plus theres way more in Wales I’d love to see.

I honestly think we have some really wonderful places in the UK & they are the type of trips we can do with Jasper.

Embrace opportunities

As corny as it sounds I really want to live more in the here & now rather than worrying about what’s gonna happen in the future.

I think we’d all like to be more present in our everyday lives really.

I just want to slow down a little & say yes to opportunities that come along.

I feel like I’m already been doing this much more this year & it’s made me feel much more excited so I want to continue saying yes.

Spend more time outside

Simple as that. I didn’t appreciate the freedom of doing what I please when I please until it was taken away from me.

I need to spend less time trapped in the house & more time just walking in the sunshine, visiting local parks & doing fun things outdoors.

Not just for my benefit but for Jasper’s too!

Let hobbies just be hobbies

I think lockdown has really made people realise they don’t have hobbies but well I have more than enough. I actually probably have a little too many which don’t get me wrong is fab but also a little stressful.

Whilst other people are relaxing I’m scurrying around trying to get things down with the limited time I have.

From my Insta to my blog to my etsy all these things started out as a hobby so I’ve decided to strip back & enjoy them again.

I no longer feel like I have to post to Insta, my blog is for me & well when it comes to creating fiber pieces I’m going to do it for fun & it people love it then fab.

I need less commitments so I can spend more time with my family & relaxing!

So yeah there’s 5 things I’d like to do more of this year. All very simple things that are easily achievable, well at least when lockdown is over. I just want to get rid of all the tedious bits of life & just do the simple things that make me happy. What’s one thing lockdown has made you miss?

Shelley xx

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