5 Things That Happen When I Have a Skincare Lapse

5 Things That Happen When I Have a Skincare Lapse - mug in hand on orange jumperI know I blog about skincare from time to time but let’s be honest if you’ve read my blog you also know I can be quite lazy with it too. In probably all of my skincare content I’ve written about my lazy moments & how I need to get back on it. Well I thought I’d utilise my laziness for once & write about the realities of my ageing skin when I’m not so nice to it.

What actually happens when I let my skincare lapse?


I think this is a pretty obvious one & happens to most of us. I would love if the fact I was getting meant spots would be a thing of the past but nope! I never had the biggest problem with spots tbh but if I do stop using cleansers I do tend to get a few spots. They aren’t always the worst things in the world but nobody really like spots do they?

Pores of death

Right I have this problem with huge pores & it’s so annoying. Such a first world problem over here but I just think pores are really hard to keep under control. I’ve not exactly worked out the best way to make my pores look smaller but if I’m using a regular routine they seem to be sooo much better. They are definitely less noticeable to me anyway. When I get all lazy & have a lapse in skincare my pores become crates of hell.

Dry patches

Ohh the joy of combination skin because majority of the time my skincare lapses occur when I’m not wearing makeup so I’m somewhat okay. However even if I don’t wear makeup my skin still plays up in the form of dry flakey skin. It’s mainly around my eyebrow/forehead kinda region so it’s less noticeable but its still there. I have to exfoliate regularly to combat this so you can tell why this would be a big problem when I’m being lazy.

Eczema flare ups

I can quite easily say eczema is the bane of my life. I spent years being bullied about it & it’s an ongoing process to combat it. I’m really proud at how far I’ve come with the redness side of it but I still get problems. My chin still acts like an hormonal teenager & I tend to get redness & bumps. Let’s just say eczema bumps are the worst. They look like horrible angry spots but they hurt like hell & don’t really pop. Can’t stand them & this is the main reason I keep on top of my skincare.

Makeup hates me

I don’t tend to wear makeup a lot. I don’t see the point of wearing it to work when I can sleep longer instead. If I’m in all day on a weekend I don’t bother & unless I’m doing something decent I leave the bare face in all its glory. When I wear make-up often my skincare tends to be a lot more on point cause removing said makeup.

However when I decide to wear makeup on a skincare lapse it just doesn’t sit right. It doesn’t apply well & it’s just not as pretty as it could be. Well if we consider the points above we can pretty much agree makeup won’t like those.


I know blogging tends to focus on the rosy side of life but in reality sometimes I am crap on the skincare front. It’s all good & well focusing on the newest product & sharing my skincare routine but there’s a whole other side to it. Hopefully I’m not the only person who feels like this so let me know in the comments if you do to.

Shelley xx

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