5 Ways To Get Festive This Season

Costa cup with festive printFirst things first guys I would like to announce I am not sponsored by Costa but the inner basic has risen out & you’re getting Christmas cup photos. They are cute & mint soy hot chocs are my thing right now.

On to what this post is actually about… Christmas; yes I’m here to tell you a few tips to getting festive (even if you work in retail!) this season. I can’t lie I’m a bit of a grinch so this post is kind of for me as much as it is for you.

1) Winter wonderland

Okay one of my favourite things this season is all the events you can go to & even though I’ve going to your local Christmas markets is great, I really love visiting Hyde park’s winter wonderland. It’s just lush; Christmas is on everyone’s minds & you just instantly feel festive.

It may not be the cheapest option but entry is free so you can spend as little or as much as you’d prefer once you’re in. We are going on the cheaper style this year as last year we booked ice skating & the big wheel ride whereas this time round we’re just going to browse.

There’s enough to see that you don’t need to spend too much to have a good time. You could easily spend a few hours just wondering round & maybe getting a spot of lunch. On the other hand there’s lots of shops & rides to splash out on if you fancy it.

2) Ice skating

Following on from the theme of events there’s nothing more festive then attempting to stay steady on the ice rink whilst watching people fall left, right & centre. It’s such a winter thing to do that you can’t resist. I hadn’t been ice skating for years before last Christmas & I feel back in love with it.

Luckily I can somewhat skate so I’m not one to fall on my arse but it’s all fun & games either way. It’s a cute couple activity or a fun family day out. I’m thinking of going to the tower of London rink this year but I’ve also been recommended a few in town so I’m going to do a bit of research.

Costa cup with festive background3) Christmas lights event

I did not have a clue how to head this option but I think we all know what I mean (well I hope). Heading to your towns Christmas lights ceremony is such a simple activity to do & is especially great for families.

I always tend to miss these events because sometimes they are just way too early but I think they are a great way to let the Christmas vibes sneak in. It’s such a cheap way to find something festive for this season so it’s available for everyone.

4) Christmas jumper day

I’ve worked in retail for years & luckily my job now (pharmacy assistant) isn’t too bad in this season but I know how horrific the run up to Christmas is for those in retail. Between the music & the overwhelming customers you can pretty much learn to hate Christmas.

Luckily we also get Christmas jumper day & when people take part it just makes everything feel a lot more festive & more fun. I love purchasing a new jumper every year & just seeing all the new designs on the market.

I know I’ve focused this on retail workers & we aren’t the only ones suffering but jumper day applies to everyone & I hope to see lots of snazzy jumpers on the 15th.

5) Seasonal bath & body haul

I know this is a a proper blogger obsession but nothing makes me feel more festive than when brands bring out their Christmas ranges. Even if they are more of a winter range I just love it.

Christmas has such a signature feel to it; from the scents to the decorations you can recognise it quite distinctly. I’m definitely one to do a big old lush haul on Boxing Day & well you can’t resist a Christmas scented candle right?

There’s nothing better than having a bubble bath using shoot for the stars bomb with a few candles on the go. Yes I am stereotypical & yes I have brought snow fairy out to play but I love so why not!

There’s a few simple ideas to let Christmas seep into your lives now we’re officially in December. I am excitedly planning my winter wonderland trip out today so I’m definitely getting more festive this year. I hope you’re loving my new site & I’m making my way through the editing stages so bare with me. Lots to do & lots to learn! Now December is upon us I can’t wait to read all your Christmas content & watch a tonne if vlogmas so if you’re participating in blogmas please let me know in the comments.

Shelley xx

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  • I finally got to go to Winter Wonderland this year and it was amazing! Everyone told me how expensive it was – and the rides were – but to be honest, I had just as much fun walking around browsing the stalls as I did going on the rides, so it really doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. I had the best time getting lost in a mirror maze in one of the fun houses too x

    • There was so much to see this year that we didn’t really go on any rides but it was still a great day out! Glad you enjoyed! x