5 Unexpected Reactions When You’re Pregnant

5 Unexpected Reactions When You're Pregnant - me in forest pathway in green striped midi dress, leather waistcoat & dr marten sandals I’ve been rather enjoying writing pregnancy posts & by the looks of it you guys are loving them too so here’s another one to add to the list. Since finding out myself & then revealing the news we’ve had some rather unexpected pregnancy reactions. Don’t worry they aren’t all terrible but either way there’s just a few things you don’t expect to happen when you’ve got happy news.

Now I’m sat newly into my third trimester it’s time to look back & spill the beans on some of those odd reactions!

5 Unexpected Reactions When You’re Pregnant

  1. Those who aren’t happy for you; or those who you expect to support you & don’t. Okay I know the world doesn’t revolve around me so not everyone has to care but you’ll be surprised at certain people not bothering to even congratulate you. Maybe that’s because I don’t care how close I am to someone if I see them make an exciting announcement on my timeline I’ll always congratulate them because that’s freckin’ polite or maybe it’s because I thought certain people cared more than they do. Being pregnant & then being in hospital has really shown who actually gives a crap & who’s not fussed. Some of those people were surprising lets just say that! Plus some people will make digs at you if they aren’t happy with your news. Y’no those people from your past who can’t move on or people who don’t particularly like you. Turns out those kinda people will stoop low enough to make digs about your pregnancy.
  2. Horror story tellers! Okay we all know some people had a rough pregnancy or birth but god damn you hear some stories. I already had heard a few terrible ones prior to being pregnant but trust me it doesn’t stop people telling you the worst things that can happen when you actually are. I’m pretty sure my womb has tightened one too many times hearing about people’s births. Luckily I’ve had a few good stories thrown in the mix so I’m not as scared as I could be.
  3. Should you be doing that police? Bloody hell guys; there’s a lot of rules when it comes to being pregnant. There’s a lot of things you’re recommended to do & avoid so it’s all a bit overwhelming already. Luckily or not so luckily you have the should you be doing that police to question your every move. If one more person judges my caffeine intake I might just take their head off. It’s not like I’m doing crack or drowning my sorrows is it? You try working 40hrs a week in customer service whilst under staffed & on one cup of filter coffee.
  4. Are you pooping people? This might just be a thing in my world since I work in pharmacy. Trust me people are way too open at sharing their problems with us so we are used to it. I have never had people more interested in my ability to poop till getting pregnant. I know constipation is a common side effect but random people are far too interested in prying at your poop habits.
  5. The pregnancy experts… trust me there’s a lot of them. I’m not going to lie I’ve appreciated the advice I’ve received along the way when it’s been wanted but other times you just want to tell people to shut the hell up. This is my first pregnancy so I have a lot to learn but just because it worked for you doesn’t mean it’ll work for me. I am my own person & being pregnant doesn’t change that. You become an incubator to some people rather than a person & I’m not taking that.

5 Unexpected Reactions When You're Pregnant - me in forest pathway in green striped midi dress, leather waistcoat & dr marten sandals

Sunglasses: Primark | Dress: Pull & Bear (similar) | Blazer: Vintage sale| Sandals: Dr Marten

So there you have it 5 unexpected reactions we’ve had to our pregnancy. It still feels a little strange thinking we have a child on the way so I can understand people reacting a little weirdly. Either way just remember as long as you’re happy with your decisions & where life is taking you it doesn’t matter about what others think. Pregnancy is tough enough without people being rude, odd or just completely invasive!

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Shelley xx

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