6 Months In Progress Review

6 month progress update - cafe selfie Since we are already in the 7th month of the year (how the hell did that happen so fast!) I decided it’s time to do a 6 month progress review. I’m actually surprised at how much I’ve already squeezed into 2018 but there’s obviously a few things left to tick off the list. Tbh recently I’ve bene feeling very positive about how far I’ve come so this is the perfect time to reflect.

So lets take a look back at what I planned for this year…. well actually I decided to throw the New Years resolutions out the window but I did still have a few goals in mind. Firstly I wanted to stop worrying about money but spend wisely which in reality I think I’ve done quite well. I’ve had a few months where I’ve splurged but in reality I’ve been saving like crazy, other than some expenses for travelling I have focused on saving.

To learn to drive… okay this is one I’ve been a bit relaxed on (like every other year) but I have been doing theory revision & this weekend I plan to ring around a few instructors. I know I have to learn to drive before we move because of work requirements. Once this is out the way I can take a bunch of steps forward.

Lastly move out!! This is one we are currently sorting out, Jacob has sorted his job in Wales & I’m working on a transfer. We’ve been searching houses to rent & we plan to move in September. Its all very exciting & I can’t wait to get some white walls & a kitchen all to myself. 6 month progress update - potions class & Jacob couple photo collage

So it seems I’m doing quite well on the resolutions but if we take them out the equation I’ve made big steps forward for ByBusby. I’ve stuck with WordPress & learnt so much more, I even understand plugins way better then before. I’ve shaken up my schedule & been more creative than ever. I’ve finally put together a media kit/rate card & I’ve been sending it out to companies who want to collaborate. I made huge steps forward by pitching myself to a few companies which lead to a fab collaboration. I’ve even started on the old affiliate marketing front so that’s my next thing to sink my teeth into. I’ve also made some really lovely blogging friends from all walks of life & it’s lush to be able to message them for help or put the world to rights.

I may have more tasks to do but I’ve made so many steps forward this year already that I’m really proud of myself. I’ve accomplished qualifications in my career & I’m taking both personal & blogging steps forward to get to the place I want to be. Sometimes we just need to take a few moments to review out progress & feel proud of ourselves.

Shelley xx

P.S these pictures were taken at Cutter & Squidge’s potion room event. It was fab to pretend to be wizards for the afternoon & eat yummy treats.

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