6 Ways To Deal With Sleep Anxiety

deal with sleep anxiety - hair laid on white sheetsI struggled with sleep for as long as I can remember. Thanks to my disorder I’ve had bouts of insomnia both when I’m on a high or at an extreme low. Thankfully those bouts don’t last forever & I tend to have a healthy sleep pattern. However in light of recent events I’ve been experiencing a tonne of sleep anxiety which I’ve obviously had to find ways to deal with.

I’m hoping sharing the ways that help me might help someone else who’s experiencing the same struggle because I’m sure I’m not the only person. I just can’t seem to relax enough to sleep at the moment & when I do finally nod off I get horrible thoughts that wake me straight up.

Obviously these are ways that I’m dealing with sleep anxiety & I can’t guarantee they’ll work for you but they are super simple so worth a try. They may even spark any idea of something that would work better for you.

6 Ways To Deal With Sleep Anxiety

1. Bullet journalling

I know bullet journalling is all the range & has been for a while but personally I think it helps. I usually use mine for making lists & brainstorming ideas but times when I’m really feeling anxious I will write my feelings down. It just makes those anxious thoughts seem a little small & I can reflect on them rather than dwell.

I recently purchased a positive planner bullet journal just for personal reflection so its totally separate from all my to-do lists or blog plans. Sometimes a spot of self reflection helps expel irrational thoughts.

2. Taking a bath

I love a bath, especially one full of colour & bubbles. I have a ridiculous amount of bath bombs & bubble bars (I highly recommend dirtyfreshcosmetics) so a hot bath in the evening is my go to “self-care” thing.

Its a bit cliche & baths don’t fix everything but it is nice to just sit on your own, feeling all toasty at the end of the day. Especially when you’re a mum who’s baby wants to cling to you all day!

I love washing away the day & feeling ridiculously warm before bed. It just leaves me feeling much calmer & at ease.

3. Reading a book instead of scrolling

This goes for before bed & throughout the day.

If you are a return reader of my blog you know I tend to watch tv over read but recently I’ve been spending Jasper’s nap times reading a few chapters of my book. It’s been refreshing to switch off from the real world & embrace whatever world the writer has created.

With all the constant updates on the news & social media I just haven’t wanted to spend that much time on my phone. I just feel overwhelmed by it all & it’s causing the anxiety. Avoiding it with a good book is working for me for sure.

4. Calling quits on my phone

As well as the reason above I have been trying to avoid my phone before bed because I can loose hours scrolling. Instagram used to be my vice but now there’s tiktok which is rather addictive.

That screen time keeps you awake & well considering everyone is talking about covid-19 its not really helpful to read before bed.

We all know to avoid technology before bed so use that bedtime mode & leave it to one side!

5. Using spacemasks

One product I will always recommend to people is Spacemasks (affiliate link) heated eye masks which have really worked for me. I don’t usually wear a sleep mask but when I’m getting a lot of sleep anxiety these are so helpful. They help me relax & I love the warm feeling.

I will say if like me you suffer from dry eyes be careful with how long you wear them because they can sometimes effect that. Obviously they do help you fall asleep but if you wake in the night maybe remove it then so its not on all night. Then again it might just be me!

They have a couple of scents & packet sizes. They also now have a subscription service so there’s lots of options if you wish to give them a go.

6. Listening to podcasts

One thing that has helped me sleep for a good while is podcasts. Since I keep my phone on bedtime mode I can pop on a podcast, set the timer & just relax.

I listen to a range of podcasts; some crime, some comedy & some more positive so its really about what works best for you. I find if I really enjoy a podcast & find the episode funny/interesting I’ll focus on it so I need a easier listen for bedtime.

This one works for me because I don’t sleep well in silence & it takes my mind off my own thoughts when I’m getting a lot of sleep anxiety.

So yeah there’s 6 ways I deal with sleep anxiety & I hope they help a little. I know times are tough right now & the world isn’t the nicest place but I hope you’re safe & well. My inbox is always open for a chat & I’m still active on my socials so feel free to pop me a message at anytime. I’m still planning to blog as normal & I hope no one finds this post insensitive because that wasn’t my intention.

Shelley xx

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