9 Months Of Motherhood

9 months of motherhood - me and jasper at lake

And just like that we’ve hit another milestone & I’ve survived 9 months of motherhood…. pretty crazy right?

That leap from 6 months to 9 months is definitely a big leap! They basically go from babies to toddlers in seconds & I know toddlers start at 1 but damn once they can move they are pretty much mini humans anyway.

I’m actually sat here trying to wrack my brain & explain what’s happened from my last update but it feels like absolutely everything has. I now have a 10, nearly 11 month old baby who is zooming around the house, saying hello & pretty much knows what he wants.

He is developing so fast that I didn’t realise he went from arming crawling to fully fledged crawling. Just one day I was like that’s  real crawling right? When did that happen!

Honestly my poor overworked & very tired brain can’t keep up with him. There’s not enough caffeine in the world to compete with his kinda energy.

I’ve been writing down his milestones so I can make some kind of memory scrap book for him cause we all know my brain is not gonna retain all this info. My notes tell me that between 6 & 9 months he has successful learnt to sit up which thankfully he can now do without the fear of falling cause damn my baby is a klutz. He can now crawl & I mean crawl like his life depends on it.

He can pull himself up & manoeuvre around the room like a wobbly side stepping crab. It means I can’t  have anything in reach cause he’ll grab it & chew it or just throw it on the floor as you do.

He’s got 6 teeth & there’s definitely another one coming because I’ve never been covered in more dribble. He also kisses… open mouthed & full of dribble. If you ever see me looking like I’m wearing a shiny face mask you now know why!

He loves to chat & growl & talk in very loud voices. Blooming loves it. He can say hello & yeah. He also waves & claps. As of 10 months he says dadda all the damn time.

It’s absolutely glorious how much he’s changed cause now he’s a proper little person who is funny as hell. He’s got a proper personality & he’s just fabulous.

It’s also exhausting cause he still wants me all the damn time. Independent play isn’t his thing & whatever mummy is doing is the most interesting thing ever.

As you can imagine I’ve spent a lot of this time in lockdown so there’s been no baby free days & well I am going a tad insane. I love him but I need some personal space.

We’re currently at the stage where he’s desperately trying to communicate which is obviously distressing for him. It’s just difficult for us all when you can clearly see he’s upset & annoyed at something that can’t be changed right now.

As I’ve now got 9 months of motherhood under my belt I feel way more confident about it all but there are days where I feel at a loss or like a complete failure. It’s totally normal to still have bad days but it feels a little more like cmon you’ve got this.

Honestly lockdown has had to make us just face parenting alone & we’ve learnt a lot. We’ve struggled but also really worked through it. Obviously working around Jasper has not been easy for either of us because he just wants to be involved in everything but we’ve got to make do.

I think that’s been the hardest part of motherhood. Learning how work around a baby because at the end of the day life still has to go on & well I’ve been busier than ever.

I’m now preparing myself for the last few months before his birthday & that dreaded back to work moment. It’s just going to through the routine out the window & we’re gonna have to start afresh.

So yeah that’s my 9 months of motherhood update. Next stop 1 whole blooming year!

Shelley xx

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