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  • Blogoween || Tattoo Talk

    The internet is a strange place when it comes to tattoos; there’s way too many artists who are okay with tracing other people’s designs that it puts you off sharing so publicly. Even though I tend to avoid close ups these days, as you can tell I have quite a few & it just so happens

  • Blogoween OOTD || Ghosts & Ghouls

    This outfit is for the teenage me who would have loved it but been too scared to wear it. Well teen Shelley; you’re 24 now & couldn’t give a damn what people think! Plus it’s halloween & why shouldn’t I be wearing something a little bit spooky? Jacob & I ventured out to Virginia water

  • Blogoween || Home Decor

    Holder | Yellow | Red | Orange October is the time to get all festive & spooky. From pumpkin carving to a good old dress up it can really give you the chance to let your hair down & let out your inner child. I love Halloween & all the festivities that come with it, plus

  • A Halloween Lush Haul

    I know halloween is technically over but let me extend the holiday spirit for you. If you aren’t careful they’ll be Christmas carols very soon so lets just embrace a teenie bit more of the spooky season. Plus when I was in London I decided to indulge myself with the halloween lush collection so here’s

  • An Autumn Winter Schedule

    At the moment I’m feeling the chatty content & as I have nothing to update you on I thought I’d do an Autumn/Winter Schedule instead. Apart from working & building furniture nothing is new with me but I do have a few plans for the end of the year so it’s rather fitting. I’m pretty