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A bloggers influences on cosmetic surgery - closeup of self

It’s been a whole year since I had my first ever cosmetic procedure & apart from my initial blog/vlog series I haven’t really touched upon it. I hadn’t necessarily felt the need to bring it up on my blog because it was never relevant. However as of recent I read an article by Scarlett London for Blogosphere which discussed bloggers & cosmetic surgery which made me ask the question; are we influencing people to get cosmetic surgery by being so open about our procedures?

A bloggers influences on cosmetic surgery - bra closeup in bed

When I decided to blog & vlog about my breast augmentation journey I didn’t give a second thought to the influence on my audience. I know that sounds irresponsible but I didn’t feel like my decision to have the op was affected by any of the bloggers I was reading or watching. I honestly only went to them for information & reassurance which I just assumed my videos would do for others too.

Looking back on it now I don’t regret being so open online because I’ve had many people message me for advice & the loveliest messages from people who have gone through that procedure & used my posts to help inform them. I’ve even spoken to people from their consultation through to their op & it just feels crazy to be a support to someone who I don’t really know.

On the other hand I can see how influencers can be seen as a problem. Most of the youtubers & bloggers I went to for information have a young audience & by young I mean both teen & young adult. It’s the ages where you can start making these decisions. I guess when you’re watching the videos it can make you think about your own body image or what you could gain from surgery but in my case I went looking for those videos to give me guidance. I didn’t stumble across them & think damn I could do with surgery too.

cosmetic surgery - bed closeup

One blogger that can be used for this point is Sarah Ashcroft, she is a big influencer that has had her fair share of criticism but that’s irrelevant. She was one of the bloggers I watched when going through my process, I wanted to see how the process worked & her videos gave me that. However I can understand how younger people may perceive her videos differently. She’s obviously grown a lot as an influencer especially after her surgery. Now I’m not claiming it had any influence because honestly I didn’t really know or follow her prior so I never saw her rise in followers but to someone that is maybe a little naive or wanting that big leap may perceive her surgery to have impacted her follower count. I can understand because her aesthetic is very much bikini snaps & body shaping fashion. Personally I see that she gained confidence through her surgery & that shaped her niche but that’s just me.

Everybody perceives things differently & we definitely have to take that into account when discussing things like surgery so openly with the internet. Young people can be impressionable & I only hope they are at an age where surgery isn’t an option so they can develop. They can form a better understanding of why people get cosmetic surgery & why they personally would get surgery.

Body image is another struggle people can have & even form from seeing bloggers having surgery. We are stuck in this world of perfection where it seems like you have to look a certain way to be popular. Cosmetic surgery is booming & well I can see why; it’s pretty accessible & can be seen as a quick fix. I initially wanted surgery because I was self conscious but I wasn’t in a place where I could afford surgery. I am so glad I wasn’t because by the time I was able to get surgery I wasn’t doing it because of that. I had learned to love myself & just wanted to feel more comfortable.

Seeing bloggers getting surgery can affect how people see themselves especially if they are more like to the before than the after but that is something bloggers can always control. A blogger shouldn’t feel the need to hide their feeling because of what other people may take from it & y’no what some bloggers do get surgery to feel better about a hang up they have but that doesn’t mean it’s not beautiful. I would never want someone to feel worse about themselves after watching my videos but I also wouldn’t be able to stop those few people from viewing my content. I am just glad that the blogosphere isn’t saturated by surgery & that it has some of the most amazing body positive people in the community.

cosmetic surgery - bra closeup

I got cosmetic surgery for me & me only. I think that was made pretty clear throughout my process & I made it clear that I didn’t hate the way I previously looked I just wanted to look slightly different. I don’t regret my decision & I’m super happy with my results. I wouldn’t ever want people to feel pressured to get surgery because it could make them grow followers.

Yes I gained viewers & a small fraction of followers but they were from people who wanted to know more about the process & hopefully people who were making an informed decision when it came to their body. I didn’t see a boost in my popularity & it really didn’t change how I perceived myself or how I portrayed myself. I’ve just got bigger boobs! That’s all. It’s made bra shopping a little more difficult & I can wear a few styles I previously couldn’t. The main thing it’s done is made me happier & that’s the most important.

Bloggers show all aspects of life so sometimes cosmetic surgery will be a part of that. Maybe that might influence someone’s decision but I hope it’s because it’s made them feel more comfortable with their own initial decision or helped them make a better decision. I think it’s great how open we are & how much that can help people but we also need to keep in mind that some people viewing our content may not be ready to make informed decisions & address that.

Shelley xx

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