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So this was meant to be a favourites of 2017 posts but I’ve actually found it quite hard to finish. I’ve done two seperate photo shoots & both really weren’t to my fancy. Because this was due to go up in the beginning of jan I had a bit of a christmassy flatlay prepared but it just wasn’t me. I’m trying to experiment & luckily I had enough content that this was easily moved. Now I’m finally happy with the overall content here goes.. a collection of favourites I’ve discovered.

Collection of favourites -favourites flatlay

First stop has to be my go to products which have been life savers over the past few months. They’ve kept my skin looking good & well when I’m being lazy in the morning (yes pretty much every morning) they are the best products to make me look awake & fresh.

Jojoba oil

This was something I discovered in summer when I was working alongside a team in Virginia Water. I was recommended it by one of my colleagues & after looking around I ordered for skinisyou on amazon. I was never one to opt for oils before because my skin can get quite oily itself but it has work wonders. It really keeps my face hydrating & just makes your skin look & feel perkier.

It’s structure is similar to our own sebum so it’s absorbed easily into the skin & helps replenish lost moisture. Also because it is so similar it can actually reduce oiliness as it helps our glands regulate the sebum production so it’s an all around winner for me. I like having a product that works both on my dry patches but also on those oily areas.

Polar icy magic

This is a Birchbox product I received; at first I wasn’t that excited but it really does work for me. It adds moisture to the eye area making it look brighter which makes you look more awake. It’s just really handy when you don’t get those 8hrs but don’t want to roll into work looking like it.

It has a roll on applicator so after a few uses it applies easily. I think I need to repurchase as my sample seems to be running out but it’s definitely something I’ll keep in my make-up bag for a long time.

*Instant dry rescue*

You’ve seen this product a lot on my Insta & well I love it. I was luckily sent a few goodies from Your good skin & this really stood out. It has a light texture so you can lather it on & leaves your skin feeling moistures fully. It’s such a handy size too so it’s always on hand. You can even apply it over make-up which I’ve been doing lately as my skin has been way to dry & flaky.

It has a non pore blocking formula too & isn’t full of parabens so it definitely works for me. My skin definitely appreciates this product & well if you’re on the look out for a good moistures then I’d give this a go.

Collection of favourites - shade & light palette, black opium, jojoba oil, polar eye cream, polaroid close up

Next onto some beauty products which aren’t all new to the collection but are definitely some firm favs of mine. I’m not always one to splurge high-end but as of recent I’m trying to get my make-up to a standard that works for me & sometimes the more expensive items just work better.

Shade & light contour palette

I have always used sleek’s contour palette & I did love it but when it came to replacing it I decided to splurge on a Kat Von D palette. I really wanted to give it a try & all the reviews look good. I actually really like this product even if I don’t use it to it’s full potential. I opted for the powder palette as I’ve always found them easier to apply & the texture is amazing.

It applies really smoothly & a little go a long way. The only thing is I wouldn’t use all the shades as one works for me. Maybe if I did a more intense contour I would get more use out of the palette but I’m just not that type of person. On the other hand Kat Von D has released a refillable version so you can cherry pick your shade & get more for your money!

Spectrum brush

Once upon a time I bought the spectrum glam clam & have been hooked ever since. I love these brushes & well they are both beautiful & crafted to perfection. We all love an Insta worthy product but it also has to do its job well & these do. I use a lot of their eye brushes & always opt for their contouring brushes too.

I have to admit I have been leaning towards real techniques brushes for foundation but overall I create looks using spectrum brushes. Luckily Birchbox seem to be partnering with them so every once in a while I get a new brush to add to my collection.

Oribe wave & shine spray

This item is much more on the luxury end of my products & as much as I’d love to splurge on full bottles I just haven’t got that kinda of budget. I know it’s very sad. However I’m making do with my samples from Birchbox & well I’m blooming loving them.

This was the first item I received of theirs & I feel in love. They are just divine products & they work with my hair.. it’s a miracle. My hair just doesn’t enjoy a lot of products but both this & the texturising spray works wonders. If you haven’t had a chance to trial them I would! I couldn’t recommend them enough.

Collection of favourites -jojoba oil, spectrum brush, polar eye cream, Polaroid close up

Lastly it’s the odd bits & bobs which well I couldn’t miss of the list & well they do add to a flatlay that’s for sure..

Black opium & Vera Wang princess

I am a girl who has way too many perfumes (which need to be used more) & as of recent I’ve fallen in love with two scents. First is black opium which as you can see it empty once again. I actually received this bottle in October for my birthday & by mid November it was empty. I think I need to splurge & buy a big bottle. It has the most luscious scent & I’m sure we’ve all spritz in the perfume shops so thank god I don’t have to try to explain it.

Onto princess which is also a scent I think we’ve all discovered. I have to admit the girl in me really loved the bottle & well it was on sale at work so I thought why not? The scents really fresh but has a lot of layers. It’s definitely going to last me a long time & well I think it an all around winner for me. I can not describe scents to save my life so enjoy my rambling please.

Studded boots

You guys recognise these right? Well they are now a very beloved addition to my ever growing shoe collection. They were a bit of a splurge but I haven’t bought shoes especially boots in a while so I really wanted a stand out pair. These do the job perfectly; they have studs, belt buckles & well they are black. What more would I want?

They also have them in pink & croc so you can tailor them to your style.


Last stop on this journey of favourites is my polaroids which I definitely haven’t been using enough. I decided to treat myself to a polaroid camera last year.. I had been working hard & I deserved it! I’ve used it a few times since & well it’s just so cute. I love creating more lasting memories that I can display & even though it is a more costly way of photography I think everyone should use this method. It’s just more fun!

Collection of favourites - overall flatlay

Shade & light palette | Vera Wang Princess | Spectrum brush | Jojoba oil | Polar icy magic | Black opium | Oribe spray | Instant dry rescue | Studded shoes | Polaroids 

I have to let you guys into a little secret that even though my blog is probably at it’s best (if I do say so myself) & I’m definitely more organised, I’ve been feeling in a rut when it comes to blogging. I’ve just not been feeling my best. I need more sun in my life & less stress. I know we all get these blips but it has really hit me hard. I’m going to persevere through & hopefully get back to my prime but you’ll probably see a little less of me while I’m sorting through my head.

Anyhow that is my collection of favourites I’ve discovered through 2017 & I’d love to hear yours so leave me your firm favourite right now in the comments!

Shelley xx

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