A Comparison; Salon Dye Vs. Arctic Fox

A Comparison; Salon Dye Vs. Arctic Fox - arctic fox porange & sunset orange

Back in March I went from purple to orange & it was a long process at the hairdressers & since I’ve been creating a colour with Arctic fox dye. I thought since I’ve used both professional & home dye I’d do a comparison review.

Initially I was aiming to go grey but my purple dye had green undertones & well it wasn’t possible so orange was my next go to colour. I love having orange hair & it’s great to be able to create a fab colour at home. My lovely stylist Kiri created the first look using matrix dye but from then on I’ve been using Arctic fox dyes to maintain it.

A Comparison; Salon Dye Vs. Arctic Fox - salon dye selfies

Top: Professional dye Bottom: Arctic fox mix

A Comparison; Salon Dye Vs. Arctic Fox - arctic fox selfies

Arctic fox vs Matrix first impressions

I actually loved my initial colour done by Kiri; a dark root drag & a bright orange tone. The colour really blended well into my roots. It had a burnt orange feel to it. As you can tell from the first colour Kiri achieved exactly what I was looking for; a bright orange but something not too red. I’m not a red kinda gal really. Obviously as it was done in the salon I didn’t have to worry about the application etc so I won’t be comparing that.

My first impressions of Arctic fox was that the dye was a lot thicker than the ones I had tried before. It’s a lot more gloopey than la riche directions so you do tend to use a little more than you normal would. My hair sucks up dye a lot so I was a little worried that I wouldn’t get a lot of uses out of the bottles. On my first application I did a balayage with the sunset orange on the lengths & porange on the tips but tbh the porange didn’t do much to the tips so from then on I mixed the two colours.

The colour & vibrance

Comparing the two colours I think the professional dye created a really nice brunt orange tone from the offset whereas the Arctic fox was a tad too red. Once I began washing my hair it faded to a lush orange colour which I loved. After mixing the colours; two parts sunset to one part porange I created a really vibrant orange shade & I will continue to make the same mix.

The arctic fox dye is a lot brighter than the matrix & stands out from the crowd. The porange shade actually is actually a UV reactive dye so it really creates a glow. I haven’t been under black light so I don’t know if it really reacts but I never purchased it for that reason.

I think based on the colour & vibrance I would have to say the arctic fox colour wins but I did love the burnt orange shade created by Kiri. I haven’t taken any fab photos with my arctic fox dye however all my photos taken by Kaye are using this dye.

Colour longevity

Here’s the thing I never find salon dye lasts as long as semi permanent dyes you can use at home. I know I studied hair & we always advise people to use salon dyes but in all honesty as long as you aren’t using those shady box dyes there’s no problem. Conditioner based dye is okay to use in my opinion.

The salon dye did seem to fade quite quickly & I wasn’t that keen on faded out colour whereas the arctic fox colour makes a really nice peachy colour. The first fade goes to a really pretty orange & then the longer you leave it the colour goes peachy so you don’t have to worry so much about top ups.

Saying that the dye does last a few washes. It stays bright for a good while but because of the colour fade I don’t mind it washing out as much as I have previous dyes.

A Comparison; Salon Dye Vs. Arctic Fox - closeup of arctic fox porange & sunset orangeColour fall out

Here’s the biggest comparison because we all know how crappy it is to have a dye that transfers onto everything. The salon dye had a fall out I’m not gonna lie & I was a little worried about that cause I was away so hey white pillows I don’t own y’no.

Arctic fox dye is magical & let me tell you why… It’s the cleanest dye I’ve ever used. It doesn’t stain your hands, the bath or towels! It’s never stained a thing. I don’t wear gloves to wash it out & last time I just showered it off. Saves my back from bending over the bath & dying. I blooming love it!

Overall impressions

To conclude even though I loved the initial burnt orange shade arctic fox wins overall. The initial colour may be a little red for me but it fades beautiful, doesn’t stain & is really vibrant. I’m not always that keen to sit in a hairdressers chair for hours either so doing it from home is a huge plus.

The only real draw back is the cost of the arctic fox dyes since they aren’t the cheapest on the market & you have to purchase through amazon if you’re in the UK which isn’t always restocked. I don’t really want to purchase from America so I’m going to mix a few different dyes on my next attempt. Tbh using an 8oz of sunset orange & 4oz of porange has lasted me about 3/4 applications so it’s not too bad.

Have you used arctic fox before? If so let me know what colour you went for! They have such a range that there’s something out there for everyone.

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Shelley xx

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