A Five Minute Smokey Eye

Five Minute Smokey Eye - full face

Five Minute Smokey Eye - full face

I haven’t done a makeup post in what feels like forever but when I posted my “halloween” makeup everyone seemed to love it so I thought why not do a five minute smokey eye tutorial. Yes it only took my five minutes because that’s all the time I really get now days & well my son only likes watching me paint my face for a short window of time!

Disclaimer as we are fully aware I am not a makeup artist or a beauty guru but I do think I have developed some skill at doing my own face over the years. Not that my skin likes to help me at all but what can you do???

Five Minute Smokey Eye - palettes

Five Minute Smokey Eye- brushes

What products did I use?

Cause it’s literally a five minute smokey eye I opted to use as little products as possible & that means only reaching for my go to palettes. No faffing about with a colour here & a colour there. Life needs to be simple!

Okay I know Limecrime isn’t a huge hit with everyone due to a lot of drama back in the day but I do own these two palettes & I did buy them before the big old boycott. I can’t lie… I love them! They are perfect for the kind of looks I create & I find them a fab size. They do have a bit of fallout but over the years of using them I’ve changed my brushes & how I apply them which has seemed to lessen that problem.

Onto brushes & to be completely honest I own way too many spectrum brushes so nearly all the ones I use are from spectrum. I do have a real techniques set which I find are pretty good for eye looks. I use their base brush & blender quite a lot in my regular routine.

Since my usual look is all oranges & yellows I opted for fresh brushes over my daily ones (thank god I have so many!)

Five Minute Smokey Eye - Venus palette closeup

Five Minute Smokey Eye - Venus 2 palette close up

How did I create the look?

Let’s get cracking shall we… I first went in with the main colour which is Marsh all over the lid using a fluffy B06. I was initially aiming to go for a snazzy bold halloween look but yeah it turned into a smokey eye instead. Next I blended Muse into the crease  & outer lid using the slanted B04 to give it a another dimension.

Then I decided to darken it a little using boot in the outer corner & blending it into the crease a little (B07). To make the look have a shimmer finish I pressed pigeon on the lid which is a multi tonal colour. It’s one of my favourite colours but I need to use it more often for sure! I used the A12 brush which is my favourite. I have so many thanks to the pop up shop I went to in Cardiff!

I blended Marsh & Muse onto my lower lid to complete the shadow (A07), popped fly onto my brow bone for highlight (B06), then added mascara to finish the whole look. It’s super simple to create & just involves a lot of blending of different colours. It really is a five minute smokey eye look that can be easily achieved in you’re in a rush or have a baby fussing you like me.

Five Minute Smokey Eye - full face productsThe rest of the products

I’m not going to delve into my full face look right now but these are the products I used to finish off my face. I do switch between a full coverage & lightweight look depending on how I’m feeling or how my skins doing. This look was pretty basic on the base front but overall I really loved how it turned out.

It was definitely different to my usual orange look. I actually use the same palettes for my everyday look so if you’d like another quick tutorial then please let me know.

Also if you’d like to purchase from Spectrum collections I do have a cheeky referral code (you get 15% off) that gains me points so click here to use it & allow me to keep shopping like a crazy women! Also if you love their brushes then you’ll be just as excited as me to know they are releasing their own makeup range this month!

Shelley xx

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