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A Fresh Outlook On Blogging - outfit collage in greenery

A lot has changed this year & with all those changes a fresh outlook on ByBusby has emerged. It’s crazy to think last year I was so determined to get on top of my blog & be an all out “girl boss.” I wanted to take my blog to the next level & with that came a lot more pressure from myself. It hasn’t caused a tonne of damage but this year I’m really seeing things differently. Yes I want to take my blog to the next level but I also need to take it easy. There’s really no rush in the grand scheme of things. I’m really feeling this fresh outlook & I think this weekend of sun has really helped. A Fresh Outlook On Blogging - dog & beach collage A Fresh Outlook On Blogging - dogs at the beach collage

By now you’re probably aware that Jacob & I have a little one on the way (due in August) but we’re also in the process of moving house while also both working full time. Pretty heavy stuff hey? Aha I’m not looking for a pity party don’t worry but since I’ve been pregnant I’ve really realised that I can’t keep pressuring myself to try so hard. Plus if I’m having to try so hard then clearly I need to take a step back & access if it’s worth it.

This bank holiday I was aiming to have a full on blogger weekend but then I didn’t. I was planning to refresh my homepage, write a bunch of content, do my emails, shoot content & contact brands whilst also squeezing in some packing. Sounds fun hey? In reality I had a day of packing, then a day of shooting/shopping followed by a day down the beach. That sounds much better right?

It’s the bank holiday & I get two extra days off work so why should I be all about the blog? Especially when I’ve just spent a lot of time rejigging it thanks to that whole theme drama. My blog already looks fab, I’ve got a bunch of photos anyhow & one day of writing is enough. One day out of four is more than enough time devoted to just blogging.
A Fresh Outlook On Blogging - ice cream & dog collage

This weekend has given me this fresh outlook, plus a bunch of new content as well. I did have a shoot with Tessa who took some fab outfit photos for future posts, I took a bunch of beautiful photos on my days out & I have this posts that I was inspired to write because of my time off.

Okay maybe I haven’t devoted much time to emails or contacting brands but that can wait. Yes I do want to gain some sponsored posts for the summer but I also like blogging when I want & about what I fancy. There’s always next weekend to take some flatlays before we move (gah I’m gonna miss my marble fireplace setup!!) & I managed to finally write my Amsterdam postA Fresh Outlook On Blogging - plant & alpaca collage

I spent around 7 hours of my long weekend on blogging & part of that included being in the sun. I spent the rest of it eating chocolate, snoozing on the sofa, watching law & order SUV, shopping & exploring west Wales. That’s a pretty perfect bank holiday.

Let’s just say thanks to this new stage of my life I’ve got a fresh outlook which means blogging isn’t my main focus. My work, life & blogging balance is going to make a lot more sense for where I am in my life. Maybe taking time to just do me will ignite a new wave of creativity. Maybe it won’t! Either way I’m going to take my time with ByBusby & let it grow as I do!

Till next time…

Shelley xx

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