A Good Old Blog Refresh

me wearing checkered smock dress with smiley faces on pocketsDress from Sew Wasted | Boots from Nasty gal (old stock)

Hi I’m back (are we all bored of hearing that yet?) & I’m really happy to say I’ve got that blog motivation back.

I had a bit of a wobble over on the gram the other day & I was debating what to do with this blog. Should I keep it? Should I go back to a free site? Should I delete? Y’no all those important questions you ask last minute when your hosting is running out & the hormones are running high.

Well… I decided to keep it!

To give it a good old refresh & just go at my own pace. I think a lot of the worry comes from the pressure of posting on a schedule but that’s not always possible when I run a small biz & have a tiny human to keep alive.

So yeah there may not be a set schedule or a blog post every week but I am going to be using this space to write again. To share my life again & to just do something for me.

I’ve blogged for a long time so it feels super natural & would be really weird to delete.

Okay ramble over folks here’s what to expect from the blog from now on;

Lifestyle posts

Yes they are staying cause thats what this blog is truly about.

Me talking about life & not caring about getting a gazillion views.

I’ll be sharing more about my mental health, doing the life lately updates, throwing in the odd beauty posts & sharing the list style posts about happy things. The general stuff you are used to.

Personal style

This is one that I’ve kinda always done but I will be a little more focused on.

I’m not here to share the usual fast fashion trend alert crap. I want to share more about how I found my personal style, how I’m being more sustainable & help others find their style.

My wardrobe has truly evolved over the years & I’m truly happy with it so nows the time to share that.

Mum life

Couldn’t be a lifestyle blogger without sharing my motherhood journey now could I?

I’m going to go backwards a little & write some posts about baby stuff now I’m back but I’ll also be sharing how I’m getting on as well. I find toddlerhood a little less blog worthy if you get me but I’m sure my brain will find some ideas at some point.

Small biz stuff

Finally the new stuff will be small biz related because that’s a big part of my life right now.

It’s the main reason I haven’t got time to blog cause its a busy new adventure for me.

I’m going to be sharing more about my experiences, updates on what I’m up to & some tips for fellow small biz owners.

So yeah thats where I’m at on the blog front. Hopefully its the kinda content people wanna read but either way I’m here to write stuff on the internet. I won’t let myself get wrapped up in the insta guru rambles this time round, I’m just doing this for me!

Till next time,

Shelley xx

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  • Sounds amazing hun! Glad to have you back creating content on here. Particularly looking forward to your style posts, because you always look banging & it’s making me very jealous. Also here for the sporadic posting! Life’s too short to stick to a heavy schedule. You’ve got this gal!


    • Ahh thanks hun! I’m hoping now the suns out I’ll take some decent outfit content. I am slacking.

      ooh for sure thanks hun!!