A Little Life Update

little life update - selfieBack in the day I’d always start these posts with I’m sorry I haven’t been around but shit’s changed & I feel guilt free when it comes to blogging. Last week I left ByBusby at the back of mind & went off on holiday to relax & guess what I actually relaxed. Yes I know shocker! I actually managed to take time off of everything.

Okay in reality I did a little bit of blogging in the form of photographing content. I couldn’t resist taking photos when I had a place to myself with pretty backgrounds. I have soo much content ready to go now but to kick off I just wanted to write. I didn’t fancy writing about a certain topic so I thought I’ll give you guys a little life update instead.

little life update - selfieFirst things first; how cute is my new hair? It’s bloody brilliant right? Well I blooming love it & it’s so nice to have decent hair. After growing it out from a pixie (who remembers the mullet…) then to irritating extensions I was in need of a good hair do. I was attempting to go grey but after the first step of lightening my purple hair we realised there was way too many green undertones to achieve it. After a quick Insta stalk I found a cute orange look & thought why not! I’ve had ginge hair before & well you guys said go for it to.

I bloody love it & I feel like myself again. 

I’ve always loved experimenting with my hair & well a bright colour really perks me up so this has got me feeling fabulous. I also changed up my eye make-up & I’m loving the grungy vibes. I was a little worried if I could manage it with my hair without looking like a scene teen but I think I’m pulling it off. Even if I’m not.. who cares I love it!

little life update - selfie So what else is new? I qualified my health care partner course which means I’m now a qualified health care assistant & dispenser. You’re probably like… what the hell is that? It means that when you go in to a pharmacy I can serve you, offer pharmaceutical advice & also prep your prescription. Kinda cool hey. It also means I get a pay rise so I’m finally earning more then minimum wage. Hallelujah.

Also as I said we went on a holiday & by holiday I mean a cottage break in Wales. It was absolutely lush; we lived in a converted barn for a week. I have a house tour over on my Insta highlights if you wanna have a snoop. I spent a week relaxing, cooking & watching movies by the fire. We also got snowed in which was beauts, even if I did lose my phone in the snow for an hour (seriously only I can drop my phone in the snow). We visited a waterfall & had a delicious Indian too. Overall it was a week away from heaven but I will tell you more about it at a later date.

little life update - selfieApart from that; there’s not much else to tell but there’s a little life update. New hair, new job role, a relaxing week away & a big old treat yourself shopping trip to top it off. Plus we’ve all got a long weekend off ahead of us so I can enjoy some of that thing we call the sun.

I have some of my usual content up for you guys very soon but for now I hope you’re all enjoying the lighter evenings & spring sunshine. Hope you all have a lovely easter beauts.

Shelley xx

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