A Pregnancy Update || Week 27-30

A Pregnancy Update - 29 week bump picture from side profileIt’s been a while since I’ve been able to sit down & write a post purely because everything just seems a little tough right now. I thought my first post back should really be a pregnancy update because I have been posting infrequently on my socials regarding our situation but haven’t really explained it.

It’s actually a tough one to explain because my heads still not completely clear. Between the difficulties of this trimester, moving house, family health problems & my mental health it’s pretty cloud. So please bare with me during this pregnancy update cause I’m trying my hardest to make sense but it may be a little poop compared to my usual style.

So what’s been happening?

Well the third trimester has been tough on my mental health. It’s like I’ve made a complete 180. I’ve gone from feeling fabulous to feeling like crap most of the time. It’s a pretty emotional time which I think is what has caused this slippery slope. I’ve been pretty unmotivated because of it hence the lack of posts. I’ve had a lot of stress due to moving house & then having family news that wasn’t nice. It’s hard to process it all when I’m being pumped full of hormones.

Our house is pretty much the same as when we moved in because I’ve been in & out of hospital. Oh the joys of pregnancy hey! We’ve unpacked our bedroom & luckily made a start on the nursery but other than that its a state. I pretty much live upstairs & avoid the hectic nature of downstairs because it gives me anxiety. We’ve got boxes to sort through & tidying to do. We’ll get to it for sure & it won’t take long but it’s just something we can’t do when Jacob’s working & I’m on bedrest. Luckily Jacob has a week off very soon so as long as the baby doesn’t play up again we should be able to get it all done before his arrival!

Okay I can’t mention being in & out of hospital without explaining. Well our little one is A-okay don’t worry but I have this lovely thing called a weak cervix so my body isn’t so okay. From what I understand my cervix isn’t strong enough to handle all the pressure from the pregnancy & has decided to dilate early so yep I’m just wandering about 3cm dilated at 28 weeks.

God knows how long this had been happening for but I was then rushed up to the labour ward & given the low down of the situation. From the sounds of it & the looks on everyone’s faces they really thought I’d go into labour within 48hrs & our child would be straight into the neonatal unit.

Luckily no labour occurred & since I haven’t had any contractions. I have been readmitted to hospital since with a bleed but thankfully I’ve have no progression in the labour. I’m currently at 30 weeks & the longer he stays inside cooking the better.

As you can imagine this hasn’t been easy on either Jacob or I. We have been through every emotion & it’s taken a toll on us both. We are very thankful to the teams of midwifes who have looked after us when we’ve been admitted but even more thankful that we’ve been allowed home on bedrest. Being in hospital was really tough on my mental health so I am trying to get back to myself slowly.

I was never planning to make pregnancy update posts but I just felt this one was needed. Up till now I haven’t had a bad thing to really say about the pregnancy but I guess it’s not always plain sailing.

So that’s where we are in the pregnancy. Very close to meeting our little man but thankfully still heavily pregnant! I am more than happy to waddle around like a penguin & wee every 5 minutes if it means our boy is getting all the time he needs to grow & develop.

Shelley xx

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