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Vegfest 2017 - salad prep station

I haven’t spoken about my vegan transition on ByBusby for a while but after visiting Vegfest for my birthday I thought why not. It’s been about two months since I started cutting out animal products from my diet & I wanted to share how it’s been. Don’t worry I’m not here to preach to you but ByBusby is all about sharing my life story & this is a key point. Plus there’s tonnes of non dairy treats to oogle at below so why stop here?

Vegfest 2017 - bio extracts

Goodwash company hamper

Goodwash company products

vegan skincare

vegan purses

First stop is to talk about Vegfest itself which was highly recommended & I was super excited to visit. It’s not just a food festival but has tonnes of stalls offering a range of products. You have stands offering snacks, bakery goods, beauty bits & even a chewing gum stand so there’s lots to see.

I found the stall area to be my favourite because even though it was busy; it’s laid out well enough so you can feel comfortable. There’s so much on offer that you can always find something to take your fancy, plus there’s tonnes of tasters available to keep you busy. Yes it was jam packed but I didn’t feel overwhelmed.

vegan cupcake display

vegan bakery display

vegan salad prep

spice box display

spice box curry

The food area was rammed & to be honest we didn’t spend much time there, just because it fuelled my anxiety to the point I had to keep leaving to catch my breath. The layout didn’t quite make sense as all the busy stalls were next to each other making it difficult to get around. I did end up getting some delicious food to curb my hunger which you can see above.

There’s also a tonne of other things to do other than shop which includes going to conferences covering cooking to animal welfare. There was just a lot on offer so you always have something interesting to see, hear or eat!

If you would like to see the brands & restaurants who joined Vegfest this year please head over to the site to have a browse & get shopping of course.

bybusby outfit

shopping bag from where I stand

I did a lot of shopping that day & grabbed tonnes of goodies to help me on my transition. Way too many cream cheeses (they are divine!!) & a bunch of beauty bits too. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my haul on my stories but I’m sure a few products will crop up here too.

So let’s get honest & talk about how I’m coping with my transition shall we. I am about 2 months or so into my diet overhaul & I’m doing okay. I’m not doing fabulous at cutting out all the meat products but I’ve made really good steps forward. I wouldn’t say going vegan is hard because I’m luckily to have made this change when veganism is growing but it also isn’t easy. Everyone is different & here’s my experience.

vegan cupcake

vegfest outfit

To kick off my change I was so ready to cut out every animal products because I was fuelled by all the new information I had learnt & just felt kind of disgustied at my current diet. For a few weeks I didn’t touch any form of meat, fish or dairy & I was feeling fabulous!

I am not lying when I said I felt amazing because my body just felt cleansed. It took me a little while to adjust to a milk alternative but I finally settled on almond milk & now I can’t touch dairy milk. It is absolutely vile to me!

Then as I went on I became relaxed; I’m lazy as we all know & sometimes slipped up for lunches eating bits of dairy but avoiding meat & fish. It made me feel crap, not only health wise but I knew I was doing something wrong. I’m just not comfortable eating animal products & I know that now.

I’m not going to lie & say I haven’t touched a meat since I started making this change. There were days when I felt shit & thought bugger it I want to eat something easy. Not only do I feel guilty for doing so I felt like utter rubbish after. Not just the day after, literally as soon as I had finished eating! I forgot how bloated eating meat can make you & my body just didn’t appreciate meat in any way.

So where am I going with this? Well I’m aiming to cut out all meat products by the new year; at first I put myself under too much pressure to cut them out immediately & that just didn’t work. I’m now aiming towards a reasonable goal & during that time I’m developing my knowledge, animal alternatives & recipes that I enjoy.

Going vegan has changed my outlook, my thoughts on the food industry & my health. I can now look back & see the differences in my body which fuels my determination. I’m not perfect & I don’t claim to be. I’ve enjoyed entering a world of supportive people who are open to offering all the advice you need to get going. I’m excited for the day when I can say “Hey; I’m fully vegan & feeling fab”

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Shelley xx

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  • Hey Shelley! Thanks for being so honest here! Though I'm not vegan myself I try to make good choices as often as I can. I have a few vegan friends and therefore follow things that way, and I hate how sometimes people can get so preachy/aggy over it! I think your journey is amazing and you're right to call it a transition! It's impossible to one day decide to be vegan and never eat a single animal product again. It takes a little while for your body/lifestyle to adjust and to learn what's best for you. I'll be interested to hear how you get on! xx Jessi

    • Thankyou! It definitely isn’t something you can just change overnight so I appreciate your understanding!

  • Thankyou!! I think everyone is different & not everyone finds it easy!! I definitely agree that a transition is necessary! it's so difficult to make big changes no matter what they are!!

    Thankyou again & I'll keep everyone updated xx

  • Well done for giving this a go! It's not easy but it does get easier with time. Since you're thinking about going entirely meat free in the new year, check out Veganuary. This is what made me first go vegan and their website is super helpful too x

    • Ah that’s amazing! Definitely takes time so I’m glad to see you making small changes too. Good luck in January!