Amsterdam Outfits For A Long Winter Weekend

Amsterdam In Outfits - bobble hat, tartan scarf, vans tee, polka dot trousers, converse & biker jacket

I can’t believe it’s already nearly three weeks since our Amsterdam city break but it’s about time I shared the trip with you guys. I’ll be doing a round up of what we got up to but for now I thought I’d share my Amsterdam outfits for the weekend. It was a short trip; just a long weekend because I had holiday to use up at work. It was also a winter trip if you couldn’t tell by the scarf or the current weather so I really had to really roll with what I packed. I think having to throw things together really made some fab outfits so why not share what I wore to keep warm!

Amsterdam Outfits Day 1 || Denim overalls

Amsterdam In Outfits - denim jumpsuit, rainbow knit, biker jacket & bobble hatHat: Primark | Jumper: Saturday by Megan | Denim overalls: Primark | Jacket: Ebay

Okay bare with me a little with this post because I honestly rarely touched my camera so all these are iPhone snaps & a tad touristy. I really just wanted a break away from everything so wasn’t too focused on the content creating. As you can tell this is a proper tourist photo (I love transformers okay!!) but it was the only decent picture of my airport get-up.

I purchased these overalls just before we left & they are lush. Denim dungaree style with huge pockets, zip detailing & flares. Very comfortable & they just make me feel fab. I paired it with my rainbow knit which is the softest thing I own. It was a good choice because it was so warm at the airport but a bad choice because it was so cold in Amsterdam. I was freezing but luckily we weren’t doing too much that day.

Amsterdam Outfits Day 2 || Dalmatian print

Amsterdam In Outfits - bobble hat, tartan scarf, vans tee, polka dot trousers, converse & biker jacket Amsterdam In Outfits - bobble hat, tartan scarf, vans tee, polka dot trousers, converse & biker jacketJacket: Ebay | Hat: Primark | Scarf: Zara | Top: Vans | Turtle neck: Saturday by Megan | Jeans: Topshop | Shoes: Office

I was fully prepared on day two to be layered up as much as possible. I went with an outfit I had been loving recently (tee & jeans combo) but layered it with a turtleneck & of course the winter must have accessories. I was not willing to freeze for another day.

Since we were walking around loads of course I went for my trusty converse. I also wanted to look a little more presentable because I wanted to get at least one good canal pic. Cant go to Amsterdam without getting one right? I honestly love these trousers & I love how they clash with the vans tee. Its just a simple outfit that worked. All the clashing prints/colours really felt me.

Amsterdam Outfit Day 3 || Ultimate layering

Amsterdam In Outfits - layered leopard print skirt, black roll neck sweater, mom jeans, o-ring belt, vans & denim jacket Amsterdam In Outfits - layered leopard print skirt, black roll neck sweater & mom jeansJacket: Missguided | Hat: Primark | Top: Primark | Turtle neck: Saturday by Megan | Jeans: Topshop | Shoes: Vans | Belt: Inthestyle

Right I thought I had layered a lot on day two but I bossed it on day three. I knew we were walking round loads & the weather was absolutely poop so I had to be warm. I had a turtleneck under a playsuit (yes that’s a playsuit not a shirt) which was then tucked into mom jeans! It was a bit of a squeeze considering my bump was beginning to grow but I was warm. I thought my distressed jean jacket went better with this outfit & then I put my trusty hat/scarf combo on. I did opt for Vans but I probably would have been better off with boots.

For someone who isn’t that confident layering I think this trip brought out the fashionista within me & I worked it out. I really didn’t plan ahead but using the few options I packed I did pretty well.

Please let me know which outfit is your fav of the three in the comments below. Also sorry for making you all jealous of my glorious pancakes I wish I had more right now too!

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