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An Introduction To It Cosmetics - cc cream, bye bye pores & sample cc creams in packaging

I can well & truly say I have thoroughly tested my It cosmetics products & it’s time to share my thoughts with you. It’s not often I splurge on high end brands but I kept seeing the CC cream everywhere. It was clearly a sign; my skin was doing really well & I was debating getting a new foundation.

I decided to treat myself to the CC cream to replace my everyday foundation. I wasn’t initially aiming for heavy coverage. I wanted something to compliment my complexion so a CC cream seemed to be the way to go. Whilst I was getting colour matched I asked for samples of the other formulas so I could test them out too. Definitely something I will continue to do.

Even though I aimed to just purchase the CC cream I did end up getting the translucent powder too. I don’t tend to opt for setting powders but after testing this in store I thought why not splurge a little more.  Anything to reduce my giant pores is welcome in my routine!

Now we’ve established what I bought let’s get onto the reviews shall we…

An Introduction To It Cosmetics - close up of cc cream

IT Cosmetics your skin but better CC cream

Let’s start with the main reason I ventured to Cardiff; the CC cream. Okay I’m not some beauty guru so I don’t know the ins & outs of what a CC cream is or how it differs from BB creams or foundations. From a quick google it seems foundations are a heavy coverage product (usually with a wider colour/formula range), BB creams are a “blemish balm” with a lighter coverage (usually have a limited shade range) & CC creams are a “colour corrective” usually with the lightest coverage (can be used as a primer to create an even base).

It cosmetics however claims to have the number 1 CC cream which is full coverage. Clearly that’s not the usual nature of a CC cream but it’s definitely true. I wasn’t initially looking for a full coverage product but I had heard so many good things about this product I wanted to try it.

As a CC cream is does even out your skin tone. I have a lot of redness especially around my cheeks & chin which is covered easily by this product. It’s also jammed pack with goodies to benefit your skin such as collagen & vitamins. Clearly it’s not your everyday foundation.

As a CC novice I wasn’t put off by the thicker consistency. It has a creamy texture but there’s definitely weight to it. You can tell it’ll give you good coverage. I have personally found a little goes a long way & it’s best applied to the skin before blending. It can be easily used to build the coverage you’re looking for. I will say if you’re looking for a light coverage this probably isn’t for you.

I can see why its such a popular product because it applies easily, blends well & evens out your skin tone. It hides blemishes & it has built in SPF50. You can’t go wrong with that.

An Introduction To It Cosmetics - close up image of branding & sample pots

I decided to go for the original formula because it was the most popular. I don’t particular go for a matte or dewy look so I thought instead of worrying about what to get; go for the standard. I actually really like the formula. It works well with my primer & I can apply it with either a beauty blender or brush. I think a brush tends to work better with this formula as I have dry patches.

I will say on occasion I have found it clings a little to my dry patches which I don’t like. That is definitely a rarity & could be down to my application but I thought I’d mention it.

So if I’m not using the original formula then I am using the illumination formula alongside Lumene Instant glow beauty serum. I received a sample of the beauty serum in a Birchbox & it was an instant love. I tend to use that all over & then add the IT cosmetics illumination CC cream in problem areas (chin, forehead, nose & under eye) which needs a bit more coverage. Essentially I use it as you would a concealer.

The illumination formula is “infused with light reflecting pigments” so it creates a dewy glow without glitter or shimmer. I actually love this formula & will be purchasing a full product when I run out of the sample.

I honestly think I prefer this formula & a dewy look but I know as winter approaches I’ll probably opt for the original formula a lot more. It blends like a dream & it can easily be applied with a beauty blender.

I’m not going to lie I haven’t used the matte formula so I can’t give you an opinion. Maybe in the future I’ll do a review.

All formulas are in the fair light shade which second lightest. The colours match across the formulas which is really handy if you want to try a different one & know your shade. I am pretty pale but I found the shade fair looked a tad too grey on me.

An Introduction To It Cosmetics - cc cream fair light swatch on hand holding product

An Introduction To It Cosmetics - cc cream fair light swatch on hand

IT Cosmetics bye bye pores translucent powder

Don’t worry this section won’t be as long! This powder took my fancy because I have rather large pores & I didn’t have a setting powder at the time. I’m not one to use a setting powder very often & since my last ran out I never thought to replace it. While I was waiting to be colour matched I was having a gander at the stand & this stood out to me.

It just seemed so lightweight & creamy on the skin. I know creamy seems like an odd word to use for a powder but it leaves my skin feeling soft to the touch. It just so lightweight that you don’t feel like you’ve applied any!

I do like this setting powder; I can’t 100% say it reduced my pores but it mattified my makeup & my makeup seemed to last longer. It’s not something I would use daily so I wouldn’t say it’s a must have but if you’re looking for something similar then this is a good option for you.

An Introduction To It Cosmetics - close up image of branding & bye bye poresThose are the two main products I’ve currently tested by IT cosmetics & I would love to try more. I think they are definitely a brand worth investing in. I also purchased the brush cleaner which I clearly forgot about when taking photos. I find it really useful & the reviews we right. It does remove makeup really easily (it literally slides off!) but I can find it sometimes you need to use a lot on stubborn brushes. I tend to use it on my smaller brushes which are jam packed with product so I don’t use it up to easily.

I would love to know if you’ve tried IT cosmetics & if so what would you recommend??

Shelley xx

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