Annabelle’s Wigs Review

Top: Felicity (£25.99)

Bottom: Bettie (£25.99)

I haven’t made a review in forever but I do have a few lined up. To start off with I wanted to post about these lovely wigs from Annabelle’s wig. I currently own these two and I’m loving them. Nice to have a bit of diversity considering I can’t do much with my hair at the moment. Please ignore the selfies; no idea how else to shoot them!

I bought two seperate styles and am eyeing up another when it restocks. They are pretty good prices compared to most shops and the postage is roughly around £4 for the UK. They post pretty quick to so you don’t have to wait long. I love the fit. They have adjustable straps just in case your head is smaller than average. I’m still getting to grips making them fit perfectly but they don’t budge at all and hold their style really well. I currently prefer the bob as it’s more me but I know the Bettie is one of their most popular and I can see why!! I haven’t had to trim them much either, only slightly along the fringe. I need to blow dry my bob’s fringe to add more curl. I also only sprayed them with dry shampoo to reduce any shine. I just love how natural they look!! 

If you’re thinking of changing your look, or trying something new I would definitely recommend this brand, they are super helpful and their website is really easy to navigate!!

Shelley xx

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