Appreciating Me Time

Appreciating me time - view from bath

Early this week I decided to delve into the topic of stress to highlight stress awareness month & well I think it’s only fitting that my next post should be focused on appreciating me time. I’m not the best person at setting time aside just to kick back & relax but I’m really trying. I know I need down time & I’m determined to give myself time to just do me, whatever that may be in the moment. For the sake of both my mental & physical health I need to start appreciating me time more. Appreciating me time - bath side view Appreciating me time - view from bath

Me time is such a weird concept isn’t it? It seems so simple but in reality we are constantly surrounded by people. That could be in work, family or friends but when you come to think about it thanks to the internet we are always surrounded by others even when we’re alone. It’s a great thing for those that get lonely because you have people you can reach out to but it also does the opposite for people who feel suffocated by the world around us.

I can’t deny that I’m two different people; I’m the outgoing person in work who is A-okay with being around people but then I’m a proper hermit at home. I either want lots of plans or none at all. I guess I kinda peak & fall which determines where I am on the people scale. More often than not I just want to be alone & do crappy things like play games on my iPad or listen to a podcast in peace. Simple things hey? Not too much to ask really! 

Turns out not so easy because people are always around. I have my family in the other room & Jacob home most of the time so sometimes doing things on my own just doesn’t work out. Plus I’m addicted to my phone so well I’m always on scroll mode. It’s my own fault I know I can’t switch off & when I try I get kinda bored….  Appreciating me time - bath rack flatlay Appreciating me time - bath view

But y’no what? I’ve been making more time for me & well I do appreciate it a lot more. Even if it’s just listening to my podcast on the way to work or sticking on a face mask & watching youtube. As long as I’m just doing something that I enjoy just ’cause then I’m giving myself a break. Me time doesn’t have to be a fancy bubble bath with oh so photogenic view & a blogger bath rack. It’s that’s your thing than yay do it. I’m quite partial to a bath bomb but in reality it doesn’t look like this.

I need to learn to switch off my phone, stop worrying what people are up to or think of me & just bloody do whatever I please. Yesterday the sun was shining (can you guess when I’m writing this post?) & I decided to take a walk down the river, get lunch & walk back. It wasn’t exactly me time because Jacob came with but it was still really relaxing because it was a break from my schedule. Right now my me time is a face mask while writing up blog posts & that’s enough for me.

Shelley xx

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