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When I finally had a completely free weekend I decided to do a big old blog shoot. I’m not one for a lot of flatlays & such mainly because I live in a house with no useable backgrounds. However I got a few shots including these so while you read this review you can picture me laying in my very uncomfortable driveway taking photos. My neighbours probably think I’m crazy`& it was hella uncomfy but hey the photos look good right!!??

I was pretty keen on joining the monthly subscription box hype & when Birchbox shared their August design I was pretty excited. I think the blogger in me was more happy for the photo opportunities ahead (I know how sad, instas already dead right?!) but I was also happier to discover all my items are cruelty free. I can’t guarantee that’ll be a regular occurrence but for now I’m happy to donate non CF items to friends. I’ll definitely move over to CF boxes in the future anyhow.

Other than the gorgeous design of the box I was really happy with the products I got to try. I think there’s a good range of beauty, skincare & haircare in one box so what’s not to like. Before jumping the gun & sharing all my pretty photos (can you tell I’m proud of myself?) I took a week out just to give them a whirl & here’s my results.

Palmer’s coconut body lotion
Kicking off with the good old Palmer’s body lotion which I have to admit I never tried before (I know how could I not have?) but I’m not a huge fan of coconut. I don’t like the taste or the smell too much but this stuff is definitely worth smelling sickly sweet for a while. It’s worked wonders for my eczema & really stops the itching. I will give their products a go from now on!!

Merci handy antibacterial gel
On to Merci Handy sanitiser which looks really funky. It also smells great & I really like the size of this, I know it’s a sample but it’s easy to pop in your bag for on the go. I’m not one to usually carry hand gel around but it’s now ready for use when I remember!!

LOC one & done colour stick
Now for a beauty sample which is a Birchbox exclusive since it’s their own brand!! I love that it’s cruelty free & it’s pretty simple to use. I haven’t used it much because my make-up is pretty much the same day to day but it is a handy addition to have. I don’t tend to opt for cream eye products over powder but the formula is great.

Oribe après beach wave & shine spray
Time for some hair; with a product that is now a fav in my collection. Oribe’s beach wave & shine spray is a really nice product. I’m someone who doesn’t like to use a lot of products & let’s just say salt sprays do not work for me so I was a bit worried about this. However it’s not a salt spray thank god but does give you a tousled finish. I usually apply it to wet hair & let nature take it’s course. I wish I had a bigger bottle already!!

*Edit – Don’t mind me guys; I’ve just woken up & I had to pop back in to tell you how much I am in love with this product. My hair feels unreal; super soft & just healthy as can be. I am so happy with this sample that I’ll have to repurchase. Feels like my hair has refreshed overnight so I had to share!!*

Spectrum collection’s the bomb shell 
Finally it comes to the Spectrum brush which I didn’t opt for the mermaid design purely because I already own it!! I love Spectrum brushes & if I had unlimited funds I would constantly splurge. I use this brush for contouring & while I’m being super lazy with cleaning my brushes (that’s on next weeks list) it’s nice to have a spare. If you haven’t tried their brushes you need to!!

I’m not sure if this will become a monthly thing or if I’ll do a review once in a while but I am happy with my first box & keen to receive my second.  I’ve linked the original websites but you can also purchase directly from the Birchbox site too. If you would like to save some money while signing up feel free to use my referral link (here) & link me your review posts for September!!!

Shelley xx

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