AW14 Blanket Cape Trend

1) Red tartan (£83)2) Monochrome (£24.99)3) Green tartan (£19.99) 4) Contrast cape (£75) 5) Monochrome checked (£24.99) 6) Aztec (£18)

Blanket capes are bang on trend right now, so I thought I’d compile a few of my favourites I’ve found. So many bloggers are posting about them and if you went to/watched London fashion week I’m sure you saw them crop up quite a lot. I’m loving the monochrome trend as you can tell from my selection but I found quite a few colourful capes as well. They are actually super easy to style and wear. They can look a bit fiddly but they either have a clasps at the top or you can wrap a belt round the centre to create a simple outfit. There are also a few capes with built in sleeves like number 2 which make it even easier to style them. I think they are a great transition from kimonos and will be sticking around for a while. New Look have a large selection right now so it’s worth popping in and trying on a few styles and picking which you think suits you best. I’ve already purchased number 5 and hopefully will purchase a tartan cape later on just to add a bit of colour to my outfits.

I’ll posting an outfit featuring my cape very soon. I’m sure blanket capes won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but I love them. Will you be picking one up for the winter chills?

Shelley xx

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