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Back to the Birchbox - full product shots; sugar texturising spray, eye shadow crayon, dr botanicals over night mask, melting lip power & rituals shower gelIt’s been a while since I’ve spoken about Birchbox & well the last time I blogged about it was when I was deciding if to end my subscription. Today however I am back with a Birchbox first impressions because this months box has won me over. As you can guess I decided to continue my subscription & well this months box has finally impressed me; both with the design & the products.

Back to the Birchbox - full product shots; sugar texturising spray, eye shadow crayon, dr botanicals over night mask, melting lip power & rituals shower gelBirchbox X Etsy

If you’re a reader since the bybusby rebrand then you probably won’t know I had an etsy store for a few years & I blooming loved it. I had my own store creating accessories & it was actually a big part of my life back then. When I saw birchbox was collaborating with them I was very excited & they have done a fab job.

They’ve teamed up with etsy sellers this month to create 10 bespoke box designs most of which I fell in love with. My box design is beautiful (by amberstextiles) & very me with the leafy design!  Plus they went back to the draw style which is just handy. I love stacking my boxes & using them to store products.

Back to the Birchbox - close up of eye shadow crayonDirty little secret

This one was the choice of the month between a true gold & a rose gold shade. I opted for the fetch shade which is the rose gold because I thought it would go with the shades I usually go for. Tbh the product looks more like a lipstick in the packaging design however it is an eye crayon.

I don’t usually opt for crayon eyeshadows but it’s a really nice creamy texture which blends out really well but still retains its pigment. It’s a very shiny product so I could potential use it to highlight. I’m not entirely sure how much use I’ll get out of it but its a really good sized product & high quality.

Cle Cosmetics

This is an unusual product because it’s a melting lip powder that can also be used as a cheek tint. Even though its quite a small sample I can imagine you’d get a lot of applications out of it. I’m sure if I’m totally sold on the product because of how different it is but if you’re looking for a light lip tint then it’s perfect for you.

The powder melts really well on the lips & does finish matte but I wouldn’t use it as a cheek tint. That’s just not me. I’m going to keep trying it out & hope it fits into my basic routine from time to time.

Back to the Birchbox - close up of sugar texturising spray & dr botanicals overnight maskDr Botanicals

This product is the one I’m most excited to use because it’s an overnight face mask. Yes you heard me right; an overnight face mask! It’s also made from pomegranates which I blooming love. It actually feels really lightweight so I can see how it works overnight. The smell is divine! At first I thought it was pretty fragrant free but as you mix it the scent really pop. It’s sweet but not overpowering which is lush.

I am so excited to try this that I think I might do a full on exfoliation this evening then use this. I just have to remember to cleanse in the morning cause I have to admit my morning routine is terrible.

Number 4

Okay here’s another haircare product from birchbox but I am slightly intrigued to give it a go. Salt texturising sprays don’t tend to work very well with my hair but this is a sugar version. It does make me interested to try it. According to birchbox it’s meant to combine the affects of a salt spray with that of a nourishing mask which sounds good.

The only thing I’m worried about its that it recommends using a diffuser to get the soft waves which I don’t tend to use & I think it’s probably best suited to people with natural curls. I’m still gonna give it a good go but I’m not assuming it’s gonna work. Blooming negative Nancy over here.

Back to the Birchbox - close up off rituals shower gel & melting lip powderRituals

Finally the product I’m least excited to try; a foaming shower gel. I do actually need a new shower gel so it has come in handy I just don’t really need another shower gel from birchbox y’no. The scent is sweet orange & cedar wood which is really nice & light.

It foams like crazy & well it probably wasn’t a great idea to try it sat on the shower while typing up this post! A little goes a long way let me tell you! The foam because quite thick so I think it’ll be fab for shaving. After just giving it a quick test I’m more obliged to give it a go.


Back to the Birchbox - full product shots; sugar texturising spray, eye shadow crayon, dr botanicals over night mask, melting lip power & rituals shower gelSo that’s August’s birchbox & well it has reignited my exciting for the subscription. The products this month was much more to my liking & I think they are starting to listen to their customers more. I’m glad to see the original box design back & love they opted to collaborate with etsy. I’m actually gonna have a look at all their stores & see if they have any home bits I would like!

If you want to sign up then you can use my code to get £5 off your first box then mention my name (Shelley busby) at checkout. I might make birchbox first impressions a more regular thing if they keep up the good work.

Shelley xx

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