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When I first starting blogging I made a nail post about stiletto acrylics (here) which has turned out to be one of my most popular post. I even get views all these many months later, so I thought I’d make a post about a new shape I’m loving. Nail technicians refer to this shape as ballerina, however I myself have called it coffin for a good while. It’s basically similar to stiletto but without a sharp point. Rather than having claws you get a squared tip to your pointed nails. 

Obviously I’m a newbie to this shape but it has come around and been a huge trend in the nail world so I had to share my thoughts too. I think in general it compliments longer extension or natural nails (if you’re lucky enough to be blessed with them) as pointing nails in general needs length to still look natural. With shorter nails the shape would distort the extension so it wouldn’t seem as if it was growing out of your natural nail bed. Any how technical side over I genuinely now prefer this shape to stiletto just because I think it looks sleeker. It’s also compliments my spidery fingers but doesn’t look witchy. Because the nail is still pointed at first it looks different to the normal square or oval shapes and it more practical for everyday life because it doesn’t have the pointed tip. Stiletto acrylics can obviously catch more easily and the tip will be more prone to damage as it’s a smaller area. 

The shape itself is slightly more technically challenging for a nail tech (espically if you’re a newbie like me) but if done well can look great. I honestly love this new shape and will be sticking with it for a good while. It’s also great for nail art and you can do quirky designs which the squared tip!!

This is probably a lot of rambling but since I’m doing nails now I want to post more about them too!! If you are a stiletto lover like me give this a go next time and see what you prefer too!!

Shelley xx

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