Benefit’s they’re real push up liner || Review

Benefit: £20

If you follow me on instagram you know I’ve slowly began introducing eye-liner back into my make-up routine. This meant I was in need of a quick and simple product. I’m a fan of gel liners as they are super smooth to apply but usually come in pots with brushes. I’m not the best with make-up so I really wanted a pen style eyeliner just to make life easier for myself. Everyone has been raving about benefit products and they’ve just realised their eye-liner so why not treat myself and give it a go? 

The eye-liner itself comes well packaged to make sure the eye-liner doesn’t dry out. The lid twist open and shut to keep the packaging air tight. You also have a little yellow stub in the eye-liner opening which I have since heard you should re-use after each application, but I threw it out (oops). The base of the pen twists to push up the gel liner into the tip. I have found you need more twists than recommended to actually see any gel. I use about two twists on each eye. The main attraction of the eye-liner is the shaped tip, which is sculpted to ensure the tip sits along the lash line. This means the eye-liner sits right alongside the lash line and is easy to apply. 

I know these images aren’t the best but I’m not that great at applying eye-liner. I do like a larger wing rather than a subtle line, The eye-liner is simple to use, obviously once you push the gel to the tip you can easily create a small line along the lash line. The wing however is more to do with your eye-liner skills. It’s simpler to create as the gel is smooth and applies easily but every girl knows their own eye-liner weakness. I’ve found I can always get my left eye perfectly rounded and then the right just won’t go the same. 

Overall I really like the eye-liner as the tip is perfectly sculpted to ensure easy application and the gel itself applies smoothly. Benefit has created a great packaging mechanism to ensure you get your money’s worth out of the product. The eye-liner lasts all day and doesn’t smudge easily at all. I’ve actually found because it dries so quickly and sticks so well it’s difficult to remove. This means if like myself and you make mistakes you have to be ready with your make-up wipe in seconds, otherwise you are then sat there trying to remove the mistake. On the other hand Benefit have fixed this problem by creating their own remover designed for “they’re real” line. It’s great they’ve created the remover but I haven’t really got money to be spending on expensive make-up so my remover will have to suffice. 

I am slowly perfecting my winged eye-liner with this product so hopefully soon I’ll have perfect wings. I’m hoping to purchase the matching mascara at some point. If you’re looking to purchase both they do a set for £18.50 which includes the mascara and a travel sized eyeliner so it’s a bargain. 

Shelley xx

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