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Hi I’m Shelley; an english blogger living in a small town in Surrey (UK). I’ve moved around a few times, stopping in cities & other small communities but I’ve made my way back home for the time being. I guess you could call me someone who has itchy feet; I was always want to move forward & explore new things. May that be new places or developing new skills. I am always reinventing myself & trying to improve on who I am. You’ll probably notice a lot of hair changes throughout my blogging days but under the surface I’ve also discovered a lot about myself over the past few years. May that be good, bad or somewhere in between I’ve learnt who I am & what I want from my life.

I initially started this blog based on fashion & beauty; documenting snippets of my purchases. As I progressed I realised my blog is more than just one sector & it can document how I progress & change as a person. Gone are the days of worrying what people thought & the fear of being judged. With my ByBusby rebrand I’m able to be open without that fear, allowing me to discuss any topic I wish. You’ll still see outfit & beauty posts but my focus is less on a theme & more towards a “lifestyle” approach.

As I’m growing as a person my perspective on what is important is changing & in turn my blogging style adapts too. I’m trying to follow a more minimalistic lifestyle focusing on a healthier outlook & worrying less about insignificant stuff. What I choose to express on my blog is a reflection of what is inspiring me in the moment & I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts.






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  1. June 17, 2015 / 5:01 am

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