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Hi I’m Shelley; an English gal living in South Wales. I am an alternative lifestyle & fashion blogger who shares her life in a raw & humous manner to empower the social conscious millennial to be their authentic selves.

I am a new mum of a beautiful/crazy baby boy named Jasper so I tend to be fuelled by caffeine & rocking a mum bun for the umpteenth day. 

I’m obsessed with plants & I create colourful handmade goods on etsy along side trying to keep my child alive. 

The Blog

My blog may have initially started to share my style & beauty favs but as I’ve progressed it has become a lifestyle blog. Gone are the days of worrying about what people think & now I’m blogging to share my life. Now ByBusby is here to not only share my alternative style & my beauty routine but to also document my progress as a person.

As I grow personally my perspective on what is important changes & in turn my blogging style adapts too. I’m trying to follow a more minimalistic lifestyle focusing on a healthier outlook & worrying less about insignificant stuff. What I choose to express on my blog is a reflection of what is inspiring me in the moment & I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts.

My Identity Crisis In Motherhood | I'm Not Just A Mum- me on bench wearing leopard playsuit & black turtleneckShelley xx

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