Birchbox VS Glossybox || Jan To March Box Comparison

birchbox vs glossybox; jan-march comparison. Stacked box flatly with open drawers

I’ve been planning to do a subscription box comparison for a good while & you’ve probably noticed I’ve been subscribed to BirchBox for a while. Well just before Christmas I also subscribed to Glossybox as it came highly recommended. I thought this was the perfect time to do a Birchbox vs Glossybox kinda post & give you my honest thoughts. I’ve had the two boxes arriving for around 6 months now so I think its about time I got on with the actual comparison.

Birchbox Vs Glossybox | My Honest Thoughts

Price, delivery & appearance Birchbox VS Glossybox - inside comparison

Okay the first thing we have to discuss is the basics; price, delivery & first impressions. Subscription boxes come in a range of prices all the way from the lower end to the luxury end of the spectrum. I would say both of these boxes are pretty reasonably priced but aren’t low budget on the products either. Birchbox retails at £12.95 if you pay monthly & Glossybox retails at £13.95 if paid monthly. They both have other deals based on how you pay so there’s flexibility for everyone. I just pay monthly because it works for me & I can cancel anytime.

I’ve luckily never had any problems with the delivery of either boxes so I can only give positive reviews. I know neither box has a clean record on their Instagram but I can’t complain. The only thing I can say is that if you aren’t home often Glossybox can become a right pain. I have had to go collect every single box from the collection office because it doesn’t fit through the letterbox. Our postman is so happy to leave my £200 shoes with another house but a £13 box nope!   It does get very annoying because I then tend to have to wait till the weekend to go pick it up. Don’t know if I can really blame the brand but hey we both work so I thought I’d put it out there for those in the same situation.

Birchbox VS Glossybox - box inside comparison

Let’s talk first impression because we all know everything in the beauty world has to look good right? Box boxes are very well presented but I definitely think Birchbox wins this fight. Glossybox is clearly bigger & looks a little more luxe but Birchbox just appear to spend a little more time on branding. Out of 6 Glossyboxes I have received 3 decorated boxes & 3 plain whereas each Birchbox is themed.

If you’re looking for a box that has a bit of personality then I think Birchbox will suit you more too. I also really prefer the drawer layout because I then use my favourite boxes stacked to store products. On the flip side if you’re looking for a box that looks sleeker & has a more luxury feel then Glossybox is more for you. It also has really cute overall presentation because every box comes in a gift wrap style.

Each box has a product leaflet that sticks with the branding on the type of box. Glossybox is more sleek & luxe where Birchbox is more fun & colourful.

Product Comparison | January

Birchbox VS Glossybox - march boxes content

Okay first box of the year & I think Birchbox started out pretty strong compared to Glossybox.

I love the soap because it smells just like lemon sherbet plus it’s also all natural which is such a thing I look out for. Then we have the pore firming face mask & you guys know I love a facemask. I’ve seen sand & sky all over my fb ads so I wanted to try them. I loved my previous afterspa products so I was really excited to try another & I can always do with another face cloth.

The only products I wasn’t too fussed on was the shampoo because I have one I love already & the highlighter because I’ve received a lot of highlighters in boxes. Turns out its quite a lovely highlighter though which is a nice surprise. Plus they put some bobbles in that I wouldn’t really use.

Glossybox on the other hand only has one product that really jumps out at me which is the dry shampoo. I do like the look of the conditioning treatment but I don’t tend to use them. The foaming gel looks lush but I’ve heard foaming gels aren’t always good to use in your routine & the blender doesn’t really stand out for me. Little disappointing overall.

Product Comparison | February

Birchbox VS Glossybox - Februarys boxes content

February’s boxes are pretty even for me as I’m interested in both with no clear winner. 

Glossybox had a few products I’d like to try starting with the Korean mask. I’ve heard such good things about Korean products so I was eager to try this. The toothpaste was pretty perfectly timed as I need to be extra careful with my teeth now I’m pregnant. I already have sensitive teeth so its always good to try new products to see if they really work. I actually really like they put a his/hers perfume sample in because it is a valentines special & it’s nice for their to be something Jacob can try for once.

Birchbox had a few products I wanted to try too, starting with the Coco & Eve hair mask. I think this will be perfect on my extensions but I also wanna save it for when they are out too. They included one of the LOC products which is a really nice shimmering cream eyeshadow. They always come in handy when you need to create a 5 minute look.

Obviously each box has a product or two I’m not so interested in but it’s still pretty even between the two.

Product Comparison | March

Birchbox VS Glossybox - January boxes content

March’s boxes are a bit tricky as neither box stands out but I don’t hate either on them too.

Glossybox had one or two stand out products for me including the lip plumper which does work & the dew pot highlighter. The shade is divine & I love the handy size of it. On the other hand the primer was a bit blah & I’ve already had a few of the lipsticks in the past so it’s not a wow product for me. I think the brands were a little poop on this box considering the brands they work with usually.

Birchbox had a couple stand out products to including the eyebrow cream, the clay & the bronzer compact. I think the bronzer compact really worked with the female empowerment theme too. However I am really not fussed on the glitter body scrub. It’s not to my tastes & I really didn’t need another perfume sample.

I think Birchbox slightly has the edge as they stuck with their strong branding & theme whereas Glossybox was a bit lack lustre all around.

 Birchbox vs Glossybox | Final thoughts

Birchbox VS Glossybox - stacked boxes & favourite productsI’m going to be totally honest here & say each box can be good but also bad. I’ve had a few months where I’ve totally thought of cancelling Birchbox because it just didn’t appeal to me anymore but then I’ve received a really great box. I haven’t had Glossybox for as long so I can’t judge it as harshly but I haven’t had a box that I’ve thought wow I love this. I did purchase the advent calendar (unboxed on Insta) which did show me the brands they tend to head to.

Birchbox is definitely my preferred choice out of the two. It could be because they’ve had longer to tailor to me but I just find their products more fun & relevant. They seem to be more about what’s on trend so it does tend to be items I’ve seen & would like to try. I enjoy trying new skincare so this box seems to just work for me. I have found quite a few products I would retry but they do enjoy sending haircare products which aren’t always to my fancy.

Glossybox tends to be higher end brands which some will probably prefer but nothing has really jumped out to me along the way. That’s not saying I haven’t found some really nice products but they tend to be more lotions & potions. This box is probably better for those looking to try make-up brands as you do see a lot more beauty based products. it has led me to discover a lot more products & try brands like Huda which has been nice. Birchbox VS Glossybox - favourites closeup Birchbox VS Glossybox - favourites closeup

Above are the products I’ve picked out as my favourites from the jan-march boxes just to highlight what I look for in a subscription box.

Products aside I think Birchbox is more for the type of person looking to try the latest “IT” product. Their design suits people looking to take a great picture every month & they always have a theme. Glossybox is more for the type of person looking to try higher end products & expand their range of brands. It may not always be a themed box but they are high quality products.

I know a lot of people seem to prefer Glossy over Birchbox but I guess I’m one of the anomalies  which is fine by me. Now I’ve gotta scrimp a little I think I’ll be sticking to Birchbox & leaving Glossybox for now. I still wanna try new skincare & this is probably the easiest/cheapest way to do so!

I think subscription boxes are so fab for people on a budget & I’d love to know if there’s any that you’d highly recommend. let me know if you have a box you think would work for me in the comments below.

Are you a Birchbox or Glossybox user? Which is you favourite? 

Shelley xx

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