Black Tied Review

Necklace: Evil eye (£16)

Bangle: Custom (£12)

I’ve been following Black tied on instagram for a while now and I adore all their pieces. It’s hard these days to stand out from the crowd when you own an independent jewellery store. But when I find a unique store I can’t resist. I was luckily enough to receive a blogger discount so I decided to finally treat myself to a custom name bracelet. I also have a cheeky code for all you guys too so keep reading!! My photos really don’t do these products justice but I prefer to take my own and avoid using the store photos, but make sure to check out their shop images too. 

I’m a sucker for good packaging and my necklace came gift wrap with their brand sticker. The bangle was also well protected in its on packaging. As usual they were both in a padded envelope which is always useful. 

Both pieces are really beautiful, as you can see the bangle is a good thickness and the stamped letters are all in line. The bangle is already bent into place but you can adjust it really easily. I have to squeeze it as tight as possible just because of my skinny wrists. I love ordering adjustable jewellery because you are guaranteed to have a great fit. I also asked for an evil eye and crescent moon either side of my name. I would have preferred the second moon (on right) to be pointed inwards just to have better symmetry, but its not a problem. 

The necklace was a impulse buy, I really love evil eye jewellery. I have a keen interest in learning about different cultures and this stood out to me on their site. The colour is really vibrant and the glaze is on both sides. The necklace is super dainty and looks tiny compared to my other pieces. This goes great with soo many outfits and falls just above the bust, meaning its lovely with plunge dresses. 

I’m sure you will see these pieces featured in future outfits. I highly recommend this brand to all of my followers. It’s great to have personalised jewellery and this is the best brand for that service. All their items are reasonable priced and if you’re a blogger you can contact them to collab!!

I also have a discount code for you lovely lot!! Use code BUSBY15 for 15% off your order!!





Shelley xx

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