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I don’t know about you but I love clicking on a blog & seeing a “blog tips” page. I just love reading posts for bloggers created by bloggers. They are usually the best posts for learning new aspects of blogging & well we all need a bit of help now & again. I’ve been using bloggers’s post for a good while now & I’ve found a good few that have really helped me up my game. That is what inspired me to write this post; so here’s me sharing a few bloggers who are really great at sharing their knowledge.

Blogosphere's spotlight bloggers


To kick off with I have to introduce you to Maria; not only is her photography beautiful & her beauty posts amazing she also shares really great tips too. Maria is one of the first bloggers I found when I got back into twitter after she shared her editing tips.

This post actually saved me when it came to lighting my photos & I know use the technique for every post &  on the majority of my Insta pictures. She has a really simple approach to her help posts which make it super easy to follow & implement into your routine.

She has written tonnes of posts from SEO to just keeping positive when it comes to numbers in the blogging world. She’s definitely worth following & she is always so lovely to fellow bloggers.

Devoted to pink

Leah is the definition of #girlboss & her blog is beautiful. It’s jammed pack with great content but her blogger tips are definitely a highlight for me! She not only writes specific posts for blogging itself but writes really great lifestyle posts regarding her views of being blogger which are really motivating.

The post that lead me to her blog was her google analytics tips which was a life saver for me. I had finally decided to up my game & use a decent method to track my blog traffic but I didn’t really understand GA at all.

Thanks to Leah I now have a basic understanding which I can build on. The posts has enough information to help you understand GA without overloading you. Plus there’s handy pictures. If you are looking for in depth posts Devoted to pink is the place to go.

Blogosphere magazine

A branch of Holly

Next is Holly who is “your professional BFF” who runs a blog focused on helping bloggers up their marketing game. As you can imagine her blog is packed full of help content so you can find absolutely everything you’re are looking for.

I love her social media segments because even though I’ve been using it for years I haven’t necessarily utilised it for my blog. All her posts give you the knowledge you need to improve your blog step by step & if I ever need to understand something a little more I head over to her blog & have a little nose for a while.

She also offers coaching so if you’re in a spot of bother you can get direct help. She has everything you need & more so why aren’t you following her?

Hannah Gale

Hannah is an all rounder; her blog is full of beauty, fashion & lifestyle posts which are presented beautifully. Her layout & writing skills really draw you in & keep you exploring.

If you haven’t heard of Hannah Gale then you probably haven’t read Blogosphere either, which I would highly suggest. A magazine written by blogger for bloggers!! I mention Blogosphere because Hannah was awarded their blogger of year which I think is well deserved. Her content is diverse & her photography is beautiful.

Onto her blogger tips I have to share this post which focused on your writing skills. You may have noticed I’ve changed how I present my written content & I’ve tried my hardest not to overload with exclamation marks. This is because of her post which really opened my eyes to where I’m going wrong & how I can improve. She has many more posts which are easy to follow & really help you improve different aspects of your blog.

blogosphere's spotlight bloggers

More about Cat

Cat is a new discovery of mine & I’ve recently had a big chat with her on twitter about moving over to WordPress. She runs a lifestyle blog which she is super honest & talks about all aspects of her life. I love her honest approach to blogger & her writing skills are amazing.

She also has segments based on blog tips & freelancing which makes her a blog a go to if you need a spot of help growing your knowledge. Her blog isn’t jam packed with help posts but the few she does have are really well written & interesting to read.

Her blog may not be the go to if you need a step by step on how to use Pinterest or analytics but if you want to read a post that resonates with you as a blogger it’s brilliant. This post really stood out to me because it openly discusses the feelings blogger can have that we really shouldn’t. Not that it’s wrong but we just don’t need to be thinking with that kind of attitude. I think her blog is really relatable & that what makes her a great read to keep you motivated.

Grace Francesca

Grace may not be an obvious choice for this post as she doesn’t write blogger tips per say but I really think she is a great voice in the blogging community. I know she’s had her fair share of criticism but her post of finding yourself & mental health really resonate with me.

Her writing style is really beautiful & I enjoy reading her lifestyle post within her style content. This post stands out to me as she speaks frankly on the blogging community & really present her view of herself within it.

If you’re looking for a blogger to motivate you when you aren’t quite feeling yourself Grace is the person to go to. You can really leave her blog feeling better about yourself & ready to get back to work.

blogosphere spotlight bloggers

So there’s six bloggers I think are great at what they do! I have to admit that I found majority of these bloggers through twitter as that’s where I find most of the posts I read. It’s easy to follow retweet accounts with introduce you posts that stand out to. I enjoy reading content & much as I love producing it & thanks to these bloggers & more I’ve been able to up my game.

I hope that finding these bloggers will be as helpful to you as much as they were to me, so head over & have a browse!

Shelley xx

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