Bloggers Who Inspire Me To Dress Boldly

Bloggers Who Inspire Me To Dress Boldly - outfit; orange crop, spotty jeans & converse

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Can we just appreciate how frecking awesome these photos are? I had this post in mind when shooting this outfit because it’s not only beautiful but it’s different. It stands out & it makes me feel fab! I’m not always one to wear an outfit that stands out but as of recent I’ve been worrying less & wearing what make me feels good. I have to say following fashion bloggers over the years has really impacted this decision because they are out there looking fabulous & standing out. It makes me realise that being daring isn’t something to worry about & that I should just wear what I like.

So here’s a few bloggers who inspire me to dress boldly….

Bloggers Who Inspire Me To Dress Boldly - outfit close up; crop & spotty jeans Bloggers Who Inspire Me To Dress Boldly - outfit; orange crop, spotty jeans & converse

Helen anderson (anderz approach)

I have to kick this post off with Helen because she is a big inspiration to me. I love her Insta & she is one of the few youtubers I follow regularly. I love her style because it’s distinctive. You can tell it’s her just from her style & I love that. I love how bold she is with her clothes yet she has staples that she holds on to. I’m constantly inspired by her fashion sense even though some off her items I wouldn’t personally wear she keeps pushing the boundaries & that makes me want to push mine. Plus she loves culottes & patterned jeans which I do too so hey I can see whats on the market without trudging through Asos. We may not have the same body type but her style keeps me wanting to reinvent mine which is fab.

Amy Valentine

Okay so Amy has the wardrobe I could only dream of owning. Her style is so simple but well thought out that it just screams perfection to me. I love how she styles tennis skirts & all her outfits look sleek as hell. Her fashion sense is pretty simple; skirt/shorts & a cute shirt/crop but they always look great. She has a slight punky look which I aim to have to. I could only dream of owning all the shoes she does! I think her style is pretty distinctive to cause I can definitely tell its her on my feed just from outfit shots.

Bloggers Who Inspire Me To Dress Boldly- outfit close up; orange crop Bloggers Who Inspire Me To Dress Boldly - outfit; orange crop, spotty jeans & converse

Jess (foxxtailz)

Well it’s time for a splash of colour & that can only mean Jess! Jess’ style is all about the clashing prints & colours. She pulls it off so well & I could only imagine styling it out as well as she does. Her fashion is very alternative & stands out from the crowd. Sometimes her outfits look really laid back but they always look well thought out. I adore how she layers prints & colours. You just never know what you’re going to get when you refresh her feed & I love that.  She does tend to have a more street style edge which isn’t for me but it’s her own creative style which is fab.

Robyn (midnight and lace)

If you’re into a more gothic look then Robyn is your girl! This one can pull off a layered look so well that it inspires me to try similar looks. Plus she loves a bit of tartan & well all know how much I love tartan. Robyn has a very original style but she does love the basics like striped tees that everyone opts for. It just shows how creative she is to make it stand out & her own. Robyn has been introducing more colour into her looks which I’m loving but her monochrome looks will always be my favourite. The fact she owns her looks inspires me to feel more confident in mine.

Bloggers Who Inspire Me To Dress Boldly - outfit close up; orange crop & spotty jeansSunglasses: Primark | Top: In the style | Jeans: Topshop | Converses: Office Bloggers Who Inspire Me To Dress Boldly - outfit close up; orange crop & spotty jeans

Zoe (zoelondon)

Zoe’s style is more striped back than some of the others I’ve mentioned but it feels very me! She loves a good jeans & tee combo but pulls it of in a way that makes it look her. She styles up velvet with such finesse & I love velvet so it’s always lush to see a fellow blogger pulling it off effortlessly. Her accessories are to die for too! I love seeing someone with such a simple style make a statement cause I love a basic outfit.

Holly (thekittyluxe)

The final blogger who inspires me to dress boldly is Holly who is probably the most relatable. Her style is very accessible to her followers & tbh I’ve bought quite a few pieces she’s styled. Our style isn’t the same but she incorporates pieces that I love. I think over the years I’ve followed Holly her style has become more distinctive & she wears key pieces that not everyone would opt for. Her style is very seasonable & I love it.

Bloggers Who Inspire Me To Dress Boldly - full outfit; orange crop, spotty jeans & converse

Defining my style & becoming comfortable with what I wear has been a long journey for me. I’m slowly realising that dressing for me is more important than looking straight forward & hiding away. I’m happy to stand out & dress boldly. Watching youtubers & blogger being authentically them has made me realise I need to do the same. Maybe not all my outfits will be bold but hey that’s not me! I blooming love this outfit & it makes me feel awesome but I also love a skinny jean & slouchy tee combo.

For now I’m learning to love myself & my style. With the help of a few bloggers who dress boldly I’m sure ill get their sooner rather than latter!

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Shelley xx

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