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October is the time to get all festive & spooky. From pumpkin carving to a good old dress up it can really give you the chance to let your hair down & let out your inner child. I love Halloween & all the festivities that come with it, plus it’s a great excuse to go interior shopping. Even if you’re on a small budget or living in a small space there are a few items that can easily transform your home ready for Halloween. 
Sign | Pumpkin (Homesense) | Skull (Flying tiger)

When it comes to Halloween I know many people think it can get quite tacky but if you look in the right places then you’re able to find some more classier touches to add to your home. I don’t even mind a little bit of tacky when it comes to Halloween; it’s about having fun & getting into the spooky spirit of the holiday. Plus aren’t Christmas decorations just as tacky??

Without your own home you can’t really go crazy on the decor shopping but I was still super excited to see what the shops had on offer this year round. I have to say I was slightly disappointed; all these bloggers seemed to be going into Homesense & finding tonnes yet after visiting two of their stores we were left a bit deflated. Halloween seems to have been bypassed by Christmas near me & I’m not having it. Can’t we just leave Christmas till after October??

Enough moaning & onto the items that I think can transform your home without breaking the budget & taking up much needed room.

Cauldron (Warner bro tour) | Skull (Poundland)


First stop is always mugs; I don’t know anybody who doesn’t have a slight problem with hoarding mugs!! I can’t justify how many mugs I own for somebody who doesn’t have their own kitchen. I picked up the uber cute cauldron mug whilst on my Warner bro’s Harry Potter tour which is sturdy as hell. You can tell it’s made to last & well isn’t it just perfect for Halloween? Even if I don’t use it as a mug it can quite easily be used to store make-up brushes or other bits & bobs. I also grabbed this skull mason drinking jar from Poundland when I was trying to hunt down spooky accessories & I have to admit I’ve been lusting over them for ages. I was aiming to get one without the handle (which can be found in Flying Tiger) but for a pound you really can’t go wrong & it’ll make a great cocktail glass.


Who doesn’t love candles in the blogging world? We’re all obsessed & they make the best blogging props. It’s not like I own tonnes already but I popped into the Yankee store & stumbled across their Halloween range. They didn’t have much to my surprise & I wasn’t too keen on the scents they had but I found a cute candle holder. Super simple & Halloween themed but you could also get away with it all year round. I also grabbed a few colour coordinated candles which all have a more citrusy scent; I’m definitely more drawn to their fruity range. Of course I purchased a skull shaped candle too because we all know I love anything in the shape of a skull & well it looks fab so why not!

Tea Towel (Homesense)

Finishing Touches

As I don’t own a house just yet there wasn’t too much need to get finishing touches for the home but there were a few things I couldn’t resist. I grabbed a snazzy tea towel which of course my mother has stolen for our kitchen & I picked up the cute trick or trick sign. I know it’s a bit stereotypical of the season but I can hang it on my window to add a bit of Halloween to my room. It’s also double sided so if you’re handing out sweets & run out you can turn it around letting people know you’re out of stock for the evening. Great for those looking to decorate their door in time for trick or treating. Finally I was on the look out for mini pumpkins to add as blog props but honestly couldn’t find any but I did find a handy candle holder which is great for display & would look fab on my windowsill.

For home decor I think it’s that time of year when you can grab a few bits that can transition really well & to be quite honest most of the items are things I would keep all year round. It’s just a style I love & if you find quality pieces then why not keep them on display? From mugs to little trinkets Halloween has got you covered & I love it.

Shelley xx

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