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Halloween tattoos

The internet is a strange place when it comes to tattoos; there’s way too many artists who are okay with tracing other people’s designs that it puts you off sharing so publicly. Even though I tend to avoid close ups these days, as you can tell I have quite a few & it just so happens that many edge towards a halloween theme. It’s not really on purpose but the designs I like tend to have a spookier & darker edge to them so why not share my “halloween” art.

leg sleeve

skull tattoo

Artist: Hannah Catherine

hanging noose tattoo

Artist: Hannah Gehrke

bat knee tattoo

Artist: Akira Newland

disney villains tattoo

spooky snow globe tattoo

Artist: Lala Inky

Bat knee tattoo

You can probably notice that some of these are a lot older than others; my Disney villains was only a few days old hence the peeling nature to it. Others need a spot of touching up but most of them are pretty damn perfect if I say so myself.

October is my birthday month so I usually opt for a birthday tattoo which falls right around the time when all the halloween designs start appearing. Some of these were inspired by that & others are just designs I’ve thought up.

My first halloween themed tattoo was for my birthday but it was definitely inspired by the festive time of month; my spooky snow globe. I absolutely adore this piece & with a few inspiration images my artist was able to create a one of design that just looks blooming amazing!

From then on I’ve added to my leg gradually & a few pieces have gone down the darker route, from my skull & flowers to my teeth gap fillers I really like how they all pop. I hate getting colour done but it really is something I love. Sometimes I’ve debated if I should have gone from a black & grey sleeve but the colour wins that debate every time.

My knee was one of the more painful pieces but I was dying to have a bat tattoo to replace the horrid bats I decided to get on my other ankle (I was freshly 18 & obviously dying to getting tattooed!!). It may have been horribly uncomfortable to have done but it is perfect & it’s me to a tee.

It’s not till I came up with this post that I realised how many tattoos I have that could fit the halloween nature & I love that my tattoos are a mix of more feminine pieces alongside some darker pieces. My leg is slowly coming together & since I’m in no rush to get tattooed I’m sure next year I’ll have another halloween edition.

If you’ve got any spooky themed tattoos I’d love to see them & let me know if you’d like another tattoo post about my views on the difficulty to be original with the internet making copying so accessible!

Shelley xx

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Halloween tattoo Pinterest closeup

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