Let’s Talk Boobs (Pre-Op)

My last post regarding my breast augmentation received a great response which I’m going to assume means at least some of you’re interested in my surgery process. That may be out of plain curiosity or you may be considering cosmetic surgery yourself but I finally made a vlog regarding the subject. It follows my process from consultation to pre-operative screening so if you’ve read my previous blog post then you may know the start & can jump further ahead. It’s my first video in a very long time so please bare with me while I come to terms with the world of youtube (who knew it can take that long to process, hey?) but I’ve dived in & decided to natter at you to kick start this new option.

It’s currently less than a week till I go under the knife, I’ve got two days in work (including today) left & I’m getting nervous for sure. I’m all set with my V pillow & surgery bra, all I have to do now is get some help removing my tongue piercing & septum!! See you guys next week for my new post & I’ll be doing some post-op vlogging. Prepare to see me at my worst!!!

See my first vlog here: youtu.be/lwr1HuDCPI4


Shelley xx

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