Bottlecap Baubles Review

I was gifted this lovely necklace from Sydney Blair who owns Bottlecap baubles on etsy (link). As a shop owner myself I can understand how difficult it is to get your name out there and bring in a steady flow of customers. I am glad I have the opportunity to help Sydney as I love her work. It’s rare you see an original shop idea and I haven’t seen many shops selling items like hers. I love this necklace and it is super simple but also complex at the same time.

I thought I’d show the necklace against different clothing to present it at its best. I really love the contrast against my daisy dress and its a key accessory when ever I wear this outfit. 

The necklace itself is very well made. All the separate items are well attached and the bottle caps are in perfect condition. It’s also made of a good quality metal which is amazing, since I’m usually allergic to some smaller shops’ jewellery. The fastening is simple and easy to use even with long nails and the necklace holds secure all day long. The necklace did take a short while to arrive but I am overseas so I can understand that shipping is one component you can’t control. 

I’ve had no problems with the necklace at all, sometimes it can tangle but that is easily fixed. I would highly recommend giving Sydney’s shop a look as she offers such a wide range of items and accepts custom requests all for very reasonable prices. Sydney herself is a pleasure to work with so I’m sure she’ll be able to answer any questions or order enquires you have on etsy. Below are two of my favourite pieces found on her store.

Shelley xx

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